Obsidian. Round 7


My first new household, consisting of Cerdric, Darmian, Penelope and Victoria. :D

I decided that I didn’t want to got with just adding numbers for the satellite households this time. So, the main households have an elemental theme, the second households will have fitting gemstone names, the third animal names and after that I’ll have to do another brain storming session. =P


Victoria and Darmian started the round with a race to the toilet. Which Darmian won.

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-00-56-53-97 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-00-58-35-42

And Cerdric and Penelope got right to the important stuff. :>


As this household is a satellite household, it is allowed to use the technologies the main household unlocked up until last round included. So, they’re getting the drums, but not the parrot that the Stones got after Cerdric and Darmian moved out. ^_^


Victoria <3

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-01-04-49-25 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-01-05-19-49

Samael was the first visitor on the new lot. :3


Cerdric’s and Penelope’s first woohoo was apparently successful. =P


That doesn’t stop from them from giving it another go, though.


Also, Odoac passed by to visit Victoria. ^o^


The first evening, it’s time for Cerdric’s adult birthday.


He’s got awesome underpants. But sadly a rather poor health. =/


And… Yeah. -.-


Poor Cerdric. :<


He looks good, though. ^3^


Cerdric and Victoria playing drums together. :3


And first bump. <3

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-02-36-19-19 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-02-38-08-67 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-02-38-20-00

I don’t know why, but that day my sims were very busy thinking and talking about woohoo. XD And Victoria’s thoughts aren’t too far off either. =P


Cerdric’s still struggling to get back in a good mood. =/


And Balthasar randomly decided to argue with Victoria. o.ô Lovia has obviously been a bad influence. XD


Phyros and Chleo are definitely having spicy conversations today.

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-07-54-77 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-08-12-44

Cerdric “only” has eight outgoing points, but still loves to admire himself every now and again. =P


Second bump. :D


Cutie <3

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-13-10-60 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-13-26-21

I’d love to know what Darmian just told Orpheus. His facial expression is a perfect mix between irritated and disgusted. XD


Time passes quickly in smaller households and it’s already time for Penelope to give birth.


Sadly, the delivery doesn’t go smooth at all. :<


And Penelope gives birth to a little girl, Nerissa, who is in really, really bad health. =/


Don’t you dare die on me, Nerissa. I need girls. D:

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-49-33-64 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-03-51-05-45

Cerdric with his little girl. So cute. <3


I’ve been trying to find a partner for Darmian, but Luna and Alyone are the only two 2nd generation sims, he’s got chemistry with. =/


And Darmian obviously has Luna as his chosen one.


Ah, well. He’s a romance sim, so he’ll probably be happy just having an affair with Luna? We’ll see. =P


But first it’s time for his birthday. :3


He’s doing really great health-wise.


And after birthday wishes from Luna…

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-04-01-32-81 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-04-01-38-81

They’re getting right to the fun stuff. XD


Also, little Nerissa needs an new diaper. :< But her parents have probably been shooed out by Darmian and Luna. ^^”


With the outfit Darmian grew up in, I just had to take a photo with this hair. He looks as though he jumped right out of a manga. Maybe a rather crappy manga, but still. =P

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-04-08-19-20 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-04-08-31-10

Back to his normal hair. ^_^ And with fitting clothes and  a little beard. <3


The next morning, literally like a minute after the sun rose, Luna was there again.


So, Darmian did the sensible thing and invited her in. :>


Odoac was over again, too. And cuddled with Nerissa. =)


Cerdric just coincidally washing that precise window…

What? No, he’s totally not keeping an eye on Victoria and Odoac. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-17-50-40-75 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-17-51-28-92 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-17-52-11-73 Sims2EP9-2016-07-21-18-00-53-68

They couldn’t get enough of each other. :3


It is Nerissa’s birthday. =/


But her health actually improved. :D

And I didn’t even have to cheat. *cough* What? No, I didn’t say anything.


Nerissa with a new hair cut and freckles. <3


And I was convinced I had taken some more pictures of Nerissa. But I don’t have any? >_> Which means we end the round with Penelope’s potty-training face.



Adults Cerdric (30), Penelope (74) and Darmian (127) holding toddler Nerissa (11) and teen Victoria (168)


2 thoughts on “Obsidian. Round 7

  1. This not-going-to-college-fear will be the death of your sims, just you watch! O.o’
    *facepalming at Darmian*
    Not that my sims are any better. I played a neighborhood recently (Meadow Creek) that has one household with two families and the daughter of one family had the father of the other as her chosen someone upon transitioning to teen. I hastened to find her someone more in her age range, naturally. Definitely not going there.
    What was Nerissa’s health before transitioning to toddler? 2-3 points, or what?
    Actually, what would you do if a baby already had negative points upon birth? Or is that not possible?


    1. Yeah, I might look for a mod which nukes this fear once all 2nd generation sims are adults. >_<

      Until now, I've been lucky and only had a few 2nd generation sims do some rather harmless flirting with my 1st generation. =P

      Nerissa actually was born with a negative heatlh score (around -3, I think it was), but as you can't kill babies (at least not the way, I usually kill sims dying in fights/from illness) and as I wasn't too keen on killing a baby anyway, she got another chance until her toddler birthday. And there her score raised to 11. ^_^


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