Earth. Round 7


The Earths are the first ones to unlock houses. :D


As Thalia moved out last round to marry Jasper, this lot is left with Phaidra, Antiope (our heir) and the two pairs of twins Alyone and Lovia and Ida and Odoac. :3


Phaidra is still one of my favourite founders genetic-wise. <3


Alyone and Ida spent most of the first morning fishing.


More or less successful. XD


“Damn it!”

It was actually Alyone who caught the fish first, though.


While Ida here kept catching boots. =P


As I was fed up with eternal summer, I decided to play round 7 with the season set to spring. Which means we get beautifully flowered trees and bushes on this lot. ^_^


Antiope isn’t in love with anyone and as she’s a female, she’s not “forced” to marry to get an heir. So, she won’t for the moment.

Up until now, she’s been involved with Varius (though that’s been some time, since Varius was more interested in Chleo last round), Phyros (who’s in love with her) and Eogan with whom she got along really nicely at the end of last round. She also had her first kiss with Jasper, but that was more of a one time thing. :3


Back to what’s actually happening: Eogan was the first potential mate who passed by this round.


And he fell in love with Antiope as well. <3


Antiope doesn’t show any signs of catching feelings anytime soon, though. And in case anyone was wondering: She’s actually a popularity sim. :>


Close-up of the upstairs of their little stilt house. =)


Then Ida became kind of obsessed with cooking in the middle of the night, even though she wasn’t hungry. And no one else was either. >_> As I didn’t want a whole family meal going bad, I put it in her inventory. Which promptly spured her to make even more food. -.-


And this time round, she didn’t just burn it, but also chatted with Eogan and started a fire. :<


As Antiope was looking at herself in the mirror quite regularly, I got fed up with the ugly blue plastic thing and made a myself a nice default replacement using terrydy’s Hand Mirror.


It’s clipping a little because the handle is rather broad at the top, but I don’t mind. It looks nearly as though there was a special hole for the finger to get a better grip. =P


Burning food seems to be a recurring theme in this round. XD

Also a little reminder: Alyone is in actually in love with Zenon and Zenon with her as well. I didn’t move them onto their own lot, yet, because Zenon only became an adult half way through this round. The reason I’m writing this here underneath a picture which is not related to Zenon at all is that he didn’t show up on the Earth lot this round. And if I remember right, Alyone only showed up once on the Air lot. ^^”


Poor Odoac tried to catch some bugs, but obviously found a beehive instead. :C

Sims2EP9-2016-06-30-01-30-11-16 Sims2EP9-2016-06-30-01-30-23-21

Some more Antiope, because she’s adorable. <3


I’m not too sure what was going on here, but I guess it’s safe to assume Lovia just went ahead and annoyed her half-brother for no reason. >_>


Poor Balthasar. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-06-30-02-07-03-96 Sims2EP9-2016-06-30-02-07-24-98

He’s rather shy and obviously didn’t manage to stand up for himself, so I sent the poor guy home.


Lovia’s meanwhile enjoying her pillow fight with Antiope. =P



Phyros walked by and, well, you see what happened. And this time round nobody interrupted them. *looking at Alyone*


And someone’s pregnant. :3


She doesn’t look too happy. =P



Last round, Odoac actually had his first kiss with Chleo. But as the latter is now married, he started looking out for someone else.


And he seems to have been rather successful? ^o^


Another shot of the house. I’m really happy how it turned out. <3

I had to add another ladder though, because they had trouble getting in and out.


Lovia arguing with Antiope for absolutely no reason. ^^”

One thing I find kinda funny is that Lovia’s life time want is to become a criminal mastermind. =P


They had a massive spring storm going on and everyone was either afraid of getting hit by lighting or wanted to be hit by lighting (namely the knowledge sims: Phaidra, Lovia and Odoac). XD


First bump. <3


And right on to some pregnant skipping. Like I said, this is totally a thing this round. XD


And Ida is in a bad mood. :<


Some more house shots. :D


Some more pregnant skipping.


And Ida still in a bad mood.



I’m not sure whether Agapios is talking about his mother or his oldest brother, Phyros, here. In any case, the Airs are spreading their love for this subject to other lots.


Alyone became best friends with Varius and actually has 10 best friends now, which is great. Especially with her being a popularity sim.


Time for the only birthdays this round.


Ida is growing up really well health-wise.

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-37-51-80 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-40-58-08

Aaand not so well, aspiration-wise. :<


It was only at this point that I realised, Ida had slightly pointy ears. As she is (I think) the only one who inherited them, I had completely forgotten Phaidra actually had those. :D

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-41-33-96Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-51-52-43 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-54-35-80

Things were a little chaotic. ^^”


If anyone ever wanted to know how a fishing pond looks from underneath, here you go. XD


And we finally have Ida’s twin, Odoac growing up as well.

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-01-56-39-64 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-02-11-35-91

And he’s doing great. =)

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-02-15-19-09 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-02-15-25-82

Victoria was over once again. <3


And then this happened. Which wouldn’t be too bad, except Varius just got married. >_> But more about that in the Water household. *sigh* At least, Antiope was already pregnant. =P


“Varius, that’s the wrong girl!”


Varius obviously doesn’t care, though.


And while Antiope is busy admiring herself.


And growing bigger. <3

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-02-25-37-32 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-02-26-28-65

Varius went on to kiss Alyone totally out of nowhere? o.Ô And then he left…

Yeah, I don’t know either. XD Poor Varius seemed to be slightly confused.



Phaidra’s all hyped about her current (for now: Isaiah) and future grand-children. ^_^


Odoac in daylight. <3

He is kind of walking cliche, though. He’s been raised in a household with no other males (as Phaidra left Kephalos when he was still a toddler), he’s one of my few bisexual sims and he wants to become a World Class Ballet Dancer. It’s hilarious. XP


And Ida. :>


Odoac trying to hint that Antiope may have taken a bad decision lately. But she doesn’t want to hear any of it.


And Lovia doesn’t want to hear any of that dirty joke Jasper tried to tell her either. Which made their relationship low enough for Lovia to loose that crush she had on him for quite a while.


They still get along though. ^_^


Maybe even too well…


At this point the Earth household consists of an elder and five adults, who don’t have too much to do beside taking care of themselves and the occasional fishing. And apparently the adult girls started getting bored. >_>


Phyros passed by, which will hopefully keep at least Antiope occupied.


Lovia waiting for Jasper to stop talking to Ida, so that she can hug him. In a non-platonic way of course. And Alyone waiting for Gunnar to finish his meal, so that she can argue with him. >_<

In case anyone forgot (which is quite likely =P): Last round in the Fire household, Gunnar was scared by Pomona while trying to take a shower, wet his pants and broke the shower. Back then I thought Alyone was angry at him for breaking the shower. But I recently found out that sims get angry at the sim who peed themself if they have to mop up the puddle. Even if they do so autonomously. o.ô And, well, Alyone (like most of Kephalos’ children) has 10 neat points. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-03-13-52-04 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-03-13-59-12

Instead of keeping Antiope occupied, Phyros tired to give Alyone a little massage. ^^”


But it also looks as though Antiope doesn’t need Phyros to keep her busy at the moment. :<


But she does clean everything up herself, so no one getting angry at her. Yay! =P


Lovia starting fights with random people once again.



Poor Antiope had quite a hard time at the end of her pregnancy.


But it’s finally time for her to give birth. ^_^


And the baby’s father and his two grandmothers are present. :3

Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-03-37-16-60 Sims2EP9-2016-07-02-03-37-38-49

Antiope gives birth to a little boy, Allan, who’s in fair health.


And with that 6th grandchild, Kalyani fulfilled her lifetime want. :D


Antiope’s first deed as a mother: Putting poor Allan on the floor, because she needs to go to the toilet really badly. XD


But grandma Phaidra is gladly taking care of little Allan. <3

And that was it for this household. ^o^



Elder Phaidra (58), adults Antiope (139) holding baby Allan (33), Alyone (51), Lovia (27), Ida (126) and Odoac (82)


2 thoughts on “Earth. Round 7

  1. Oohh yay for houses :D It looks really era appropriate. Doesn’t look like it’ll offer much protection from the elements, have you found they keep getting heat stroke etc in there?

    I never knew sims got mad if they had to clean up another sim’s pee but that does explain a few of my sims being mad at one another.


    1. The house has fencing all around (with those small room dividers where the ladders are) and I put a floor tile roof on top, as I had the feeling the normal roof didn’t make it weather-proof. So far, it seems to be okay. =P

      It’s just on of those funny little things that show how much thought the developers put into the game. ^_^ Even if it can end quite deadly in this challenge. XD


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