Some additional Stats ’cause I love them

In one of the posts for round 5, I mentioned that I made a graph with my sims first kisses and I also made one for crush/love relations.

As I love stuff like this, I wanted to share it. =P


First the graph with the First Kisses:


With the most popular sim being Jasper. =P

And second the crush/love relations (with white arrows for crush and black ones for love):


And as you can see, lots of onesided relations. XD


2 thoughts on “Some additional Stats ’cause I love them

  1. I love seeing this kind of thing. It’s good to know I’m not the only statistic nut around these parts =P. Man Jasper was really popular with the ladies. I’m also shocked that you only had two reciprocal first kisses and all those one sided relationships XD


    1. No, you’re definitely not the only statisitic nut. =P

      I was actually worried about the one sided relationships at this point, but thankfully it sorted itself a little in the next rounds. Partly because of my sims becoming adults and having sex. XD


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