Stone. Round 5


In round 4, Vidya (who had died in round 3) was successfully resurrected by Pollux, gave birth to yet another son, Melchol, and became pregnant again, Sophos attacked Pollux and died and Jasper managed to snatch quite a few first kisses, but seems to be solely after Thalia.


With the Stones, we have yet another household who got to unlock something this round. And this time it’s music. ^_^


Vidya seems very pleased with their new drums. :3


Pollux and Darmian both only have 3 nice and 3 playful points, so you can imagine how this went on. XD


As soon as visitors where over, they hogged the drums. *sigh* I definitely need to disallow visitors to use them for next round. :<


Pollux <3 Because he’s really cute.


Vidya’s actually a really bad cook. XD


But she managed not to start a fire this time (unless last round). =P


See? Visitors hogging the drums. =P It was quite funny to watch Kephalos and Phaidra play together, though.


It’s finally time for Vidya to give birth and it is very likely that this is the last birth for the 2nd generation. Eudora could get pregnant the first day of this round, but her odds are low (as she’s older) and she just gave birth to twins the last day of round 4. So, her and Samael are busy. =P

Anyway, I have had Trips&Quads installed with the default odds since the beginning of the challenge and until now it has “only” given me a higher twin rate.

But of course, it decided to give me quads the last pregnancy of this generation. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-21-18-38-16 Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-21-19-42-94 Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-21-20-38-71 Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-21-21-25-47

Say hi to Jethro, Kenan, Laverna and Mahali. Except for Jethro, who’s rather sickly, they are in good or even great health.

Also, luckily for Vidya, three out of the four deliveries went really well or she wouldn’t have survived. :<


Dardarus, of course, just slept through the whole fuss. XD


Jasper and Pollux didn’t feel obliged to help their mother, either, so the poor newborns spend their first hour on the – thanks to eternal summer not-so-cold – ground.


As there are two adults and two teens on the lot, caring for the quads wasn’t too difficult. But the family only has four cribs (and there isn’t any place for an additional one anyway). So, one of the babies (I think it was Kenan) had to stay on the ground, until Melchol finished his nap. ^^”


Cerdric, the only family member that wasn’t mentioned until now. :C


And someone finally got around to taking Melchol out of the crib and putting poor Kenan in it.

Sims2EP9-2016-04-23-20-51-07-58 Sims2EP9-2016-04-23-20-51-14-36

The 3 nice/playful points actually count for the majority of the family, as both Dardarus and Vidya have them. XD


Darmian ^o^


Another drum stealer, though this one nearly belongs to the family. And Thalia’s making cute faces. :3


Melchol and the quads are getting older in a day. That’s probably going to be stressful. o.ô


But first, the last adult birthday for this round: Jasper.


He did fine health- and aspiration-wise.


But the good, old college fear is back. >_>


Cerdric is getting older as well.


He was a little sickly as a child, but is now back to fair health. =)


Cerdric is a knowledge sim with preference for well-dressed cooks, who aren’t good at cleaning. Also, he’s not doing too well aspiration-wise. =/


Jasper with some new clothes and a little stubble.

Sims2EP9-2016-04-23-21-58-28-90 Sims2EP9-2016-04-23-22-01-10-23

And as Thalia was over, they got right to the important stuff. XD

First woohoo for the 2nd generation, I guess.


Fast forward three days…

Just joking. =P Thalia’s already preparing by looking after Laverna, though. ^_^


Even after that nice evening with Thalia, Jasper’s still doing not so good.


And Thalia looks a little as though she’s currently reconsidering her life choices. XD


I was just distracted for a few seconds (not that me not being distracted would have made a difference ^^”) before looking back to the screen and seeing that big fight cloud. :<


Cerdric’s apparently still in that bad mood, he grew up with.


Which made him attack Pollux. =/


And he won.


I really like Pollux, but maybe… Maybe faith’s just getting back at him for annoying Sophos as a toddler so much, that the latter attacked him and died. >_<


So adorable. </3


Poor Luna is sadly around to witness his death. D:

Finding someone else for her is going to be tough. There aren’t many boys (left) that are close to her in age.

Sims2EP9-2016-04-24-00-26-36-62 Sims2EP9-2016-04-24-00-28-07-97

R.I.P Pollux ;_;


And Luna even was afraid of Pollux dying. As a romance sim. :<

The Stones didn’t have time to mourn for long, though. They have a busy rest of the day ahead…


First the quads’ birthdays.

Kenan grows up really well.


Jethro is still sick.


Mahali grows up great.


And Laverna looses a few points, but is still in fair health. ^_^


Then it’s Melchol’s turn.


When he became a toddler his score dropped to a mere 8 health points.


And sadly his child birthday didn’t help. At all.


Which means, Melchol succumbs to his bad health. ;_;


And the Stone household looses a second child over the course of a single day. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-04-24-01-06-42-43 Sims2EP9-2016-04-24-01-23-27-81

Poor Dardarus and Vidya. >_<

The last day of the round was, thankfully, calm. So, you’re mostly getting make-over pictures of the quads.








And Jethro


The last pictures of the round are Cerdric still in a bad mood.


And somehow unable to clean himself even though he’s standing right in the shower? o.ô

I don’t know. XD



Adults Dardarus (105), Vidya (26) and Jasper (70), teen Cerdric (43), child Darmian (119) and toddlers Jethro (17), Kenan (123), Laverna (51) and Mahali (127)


6 thoughts on “Stone. Round 5

  1. RIP Pollux and Melchol =(

    Woo first quads! They all grew up to be really cute.

    I’m pretty sure babies can’t overheat so if you were really pressed for space and wanted an extra crib you could put one outside with no ill effects. Probably not the wisest move in eternal summer but hey that’s sims for you.


    1. The poor Stones aren’t exactly the luckiest household. :< Which is actually good for my gender ratio *cough* (as I have too many boys and the Stones have a lot of boys), but still really sad.

      Yeah, I guess I could have done it, but around the hut there wasn't really any place either. XD Besides there isn't that much difference between just putting the baby on the floor outside or putting it in a crib outside. It's too hot either way. =P


  2. I love, love, love, love, LOVE those little drums! Very cool :D
    I’m so envious of natural triplets/quads :/ I have the mod installed and I’ve fiddled with the ratio in an attempt to get them but I never ever get triplets or quads naturally, I always have to select it myself, which kind of takes the fun out of it! I’ve been pondering the idea of using a random generator or dice roll but not being mathematically inclined I wouldn’t know how to go about it (I don’t know how Heloise came up with her percentages for the Warwickshire Challenge!) The easiest thing I guess would be to roll for 1,2,3 or 4 every birth but that seems too likely to end up with multiple quads too often?! I dunno! *brain steam*


    1. If you have excel it’s not too hard to come up with a random number generator (where you can set your own percentages) that does it all for you. I could probably knock something like that up in excel easily enough.

      It might help to work it out by how often you want triplets/quads to be born, so like if you wanted 1 set of quads every 10 births you could set it as 10%, Idk I long since pushed my triplet and quads odds way down so it’ll be a nice surprise if it happens but won’t have me tearing my hair out.


    2. The easiest for you is probably to just get the random only version of the mod, put it in your game and stop thinking about it. =P The problem with randomness is that it is not predictable. For example, let’s say you toss a coin a hundred times. In theory, you should get head 50 times and number 50 times. In real life, it is possible (rather improbable, but possible) that you get number a 100 times. So, like I said: Just put the mod in, maybe adjust the odds a little and let the game do its thing. ;)

      I currently don’t know the odds I use in my game, but I can look them up later and post, if you want. And keep in mind: I took me nearly a whole generation before I got quads, too. ^_^

      Also, the drums are extracted from castaway. And I’m actually nearly done with the WCIF page I promised to make. :0


  3. I am surrounded by smart people XD thank you both! Isn’t it weird though that new neighbourhoods with less couples often have more sets of twins than older neighbourhoods with more couples? I swear it’s so! The game knows !_! it totally knows (has played too long) never! I bet I cry when I finally get quads (totally will) I might just chuck some dice around whenever the whim takes me… (green with envy)

    Very much looking forward to that page! ^_^


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