Fire. Round 5


Last round, Orpheus became a teen, Pomona died and Luna got involved with Jasper and Pollux and started a fight with Thalia. At the beginning of the current round, Orpheus also fell in love with Harmonia. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2016-04-13-13-04-44-49 Sims2EP9-2016-04-13-13-05-05-19Sims2EP9-2016-04-13-13-12-44-49

And we start this household with Luna falling in love with Pollux. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2016-04-13-13-06-55-56 Sims2EP9-2016-04-13-13-07-21-21

Ianus is playing with his youngest, Dione. <3

He may be a romance sim, but he has proven once again that those can be great fathers, too.


Mass water fight between Dardarus and Ianus and Gunnar and Eduora.


And it looks as though Orpheus should have participated as well. XD


Right the first evening, Dione is getting older.


She looses a few points and is still in poor health… =/


But she’s really cute.  ^o^


Especially her nose. =P


Pomona’s visiting the household. (Happy that her bed is still there. XD)


And is hogging the xylophone. Not that anyone would need that anyway right now.


Ianus was actually doing really bad aspiration-wise after Dione’s birth (being a romance sim) and Pomona’s death, but he seems to be doing better by now. ^o^


The next day, Harmonia came over to visit Orpheus.



And Luna’s making breakfast for everyone.


The whole family “sitting” together. =)


Someone broke the shower and Luna fixed it with the help of her maybe future partner and her probably future sister-in-law. Which is somehow really adorable. :3


As for the Air and Earth households, the Fires are also getting their first 2nd generation adult this round.


Luna grew up really well.


But I had trouble finding a hair that suits her. She’ll have to go with that one for now. ^^”



Another shot in daylight. :> Luna’s also the only one of her siblings to inherit Ianus’ grey eyes (and not Pomona’s green ones).

Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-12-22-03-02 Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-12-22-31-14

Close-up pictures of Dione and Gunnar. =)

Those two also became BFF’s and they both wished for it, so they’re in a really good mood. ^o^



Pomona seems to have taken a liking to the whole haunting thing. =P

Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-13-09-30-79Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-13-08-32-92 Sims2EP9-2016-04-15-13-09-44-52

Pillow fight faces are awesome. XD


I was too slow to take a photo of it, but Pollux and Luna just made out for the first time. :>


Like most households, there’re quite a few birthdays coming up the first evening of the next round. My founders are getting old. :C


With only five sims, the Fire household was not too exciting, so I decided to great all walk-bys the last evening. And of course, Thalia (who was arguing with Luna last round) came around straight away. ^^”

But, as some time had passed since their argument, they just went on to ignore each other. XD


Also, the Fire household (even though it’s small) is still the household who’s shortest on food. =/ It wasn’t as bad this round, though.


And like last round, we finish this one with a heat stroke. >_>



Adults Ianus (118) and Luna (75), teen Orpheus (88) and children Gunnar (48) and Dione (24)


Also, kind of important: Only after the Earth post was published, I remembered that there were actually around two days of pictures missing as Fraps wasn’t running at the time. I’ve added a little paragraph, where the missing pictures would have been (rather towards the end of the post), with some notes about what happened during that time.

Anyone who read the post right after it was published, might have missed that bit.


2 thoughts on “Fire. Round 5

  1. Romance sims actually make great parents. It’s the family sims who want another baby (or five) when the five they have are barely getting fed and changed that worry me.

    I often find that it’s the small families that struggle with food in my game as well. Probably something to do with there being less sims hunting so less food overall but they eat pretty much the same amount as a bigger family.


    1. Romance sims do make good parents. As long as they’re not currently in aspiration failure because they were afraid to have a baby. XD

      I actually roll a number between 0 and 6 every day I play and then the household is allowed to hunt that number of animals. So, it doesn’t depend on the household size or number of sims that can hunt, but on sheer luck. =P And then the households have between 1 and 4 berry bushes in addition to this. The Fire household only got one berry bush, which actually is the main reason for their lack of food as they can’t compensate bad luck with hunting as well as the other families, who all have at least 2 bushes.
      And yes, smaller families often need as much food as bigger ones in my game, too. I think it’s mostly because more food gets spoiled. Especially since I don’t store leftovers.


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