Stone. Round 4



As Vidya died at the end of round 4, the Stone household consists of Dardarus and his 5 sons: Jasper, Pollux, Cerdric, Sophos and Darmian.

Also, while writing their last post, I couldn’t remember which twin was Darmian and which Sophos and I couldn’t check in game as I hadn’t a computer to play sims on at the time. But I went back and corrected their names now. ^^’


Anyway. When I entered the lot, this is what happened.


And if that wasn’t enough of a sign, Pollux actually had the wish to resurrect Vidya and woke up with the wish to make a wish. :P


So, here we go. :D

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-23-51-34-71Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-23-51-56-62 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-23-53-44-50 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-23-54-02-32 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-23-54-22-03

Aaaand, Vidya’s back. :O


Thalia came over and stayed nearly the whole day, which she mostly spend with kicking the bin over and cleaning everything up again, because with her 9 neat points, she couldn’t possibly not clean it up. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-00-07-07-33 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-00-07-24-04

Dardarus does seem happy to have his wife back. :>

But it’s kind of sad that Dardarus probably won’t tease the other males anymore. :P

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-17-59-55-46 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-00-09-67

Thalia’s still at it. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-04-22-28 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-04-31-09

Vidya was actually pregnant when she died, so she isn’t the only one who was brought back. =)


As far as I remember, Thalia actually started this fight and I just wasn’t fast enough to catch it.


In any case, Luna’s not taking any shit from Thalia . :<


As I initially got it wrong last round: Here we have Darmian playing.


And Sophos still sitting in his crib. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-19-03-04 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-19-28-89

By now, Jasper and Thalia are nearly unseparable. Thalia’s also in love with Jasper, if I remember right. :3

Jasper isn’t as commited, yet, though.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-21-20-34 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-18-21-40-87

As Luna and Thalia were getting on my nerves by now, I just sent them home.


But before they left, Thalia apparently kicked the bin over one last time. >_>



From left to right: Darmian, Pollux (making the bed), Cerdric (who hasn’t showed up, yet) and Sophos. ^o^



The next day, Luna passed by again. And with Thalia not around, she made a pass at Jasper right away.


Or rather: Jasper made a pass at her right away? I’m not quite sure, but considering Jasper’s smug face here, the latter might be more accurate. XD

I don’t know really know what’s going with the knowledge sims in this hood. :P


Anyway. In the evening, the twins are getting older.


First up is Sophos, who’s sadly rather on the sickish side.


But he’s growing in his face really nicely. <3



Sadly, Sophos’ first deed as a kid is getting back at his older brother, Pollux, who must have annoyed him one too many times as a toddler. =/


Pollux is actually just one day away from becoming a teen, so… things might turn out okay? We’ll see. :<


Darmian was asleep at 6 o’clock, but it’s his turn now, too.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-00-00-52 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-00-13-15

And he’s in really great health. :D

But it’s quite an eventful evening and we’re not done, yet.


Vidya’s giving birth. :c

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-09-07-24 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-10-08-87

To yet another boy, Melchol.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-21-57-83 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-22-40-32

Before nearly burning down everything, yet again, as well. XD


The next day, Pollux actually tries to make things up with Sophos and asks him to play.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-50-06-25 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-20-50-15-65

But Sophos doesn’t want to hear anything about it. =/


Just an hour before Pollux’ birthday, Sophos attacks him. *sigh*

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-00-01-66 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-00-26-26

And gets his ass beaten. :<


To be honest, I was hoping Pollux would win, as I really need the boys born in the first two rounds. Sophos on the other hand was born in the middle of the many, many male babies in the 3rd round. ^^’


It’s still sad to see Sophos go, though.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-02-30-40 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-02-46-60 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-02-53-20

Rest in peace, little boy. D:


Pollux doesn’t seem too concerned about his brothers fate. ^^’

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-03-18-56  Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-04-25-78 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-04-35-26 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-21-05-04-03

Poor Darmian stays at his twin’s side until the very last moment. DX


Right after the whole trouble, Pollux is getting older.


And he’s doing really well. =)


In the meantime, Dardarus and Vidya are trying to squeeze one last child in, before Vidya gets too old to conceive. XD


Pollux in his new clothes. And I couldn’t quite decide what hair cut to give him. :P


This one looked really nice on him, but the mesh was sadly kind of buggy. =/


So, he got that one. :D

Nearly forgotten: Pollux is a popularity sim with a preference for fit, mechanical and non-charismaric sims.


Poor Darmian. </3


Looks like someone was successful. :>


Barely a teen, Pollux already got Luna’s attention.


Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-03-33-89 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-03-56-53

And goes right in for his first kiss. :3

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-04-18-29 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-04-33-41

Well, that looks promising. :>

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-11-15-32 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-11-28-81

But Jasper is not just giving up on Luna.


I actually can’t remember whether she got a crush on Pollux or Jasper. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-16-25-99 Sims2EP9-2016-03-04-22-16-39-25

And as if things weren’t already complicated enough, Antiope passed by as well. ^^’


… XD

We’ll see how that ends.


But first, it’s time for Melchol’s birthday.


And he’s sadly growing up to be quite sick. :<


First bump. <3


Some more pictures of Pollux and Melchol playing.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-05-00-03-58-56 Sims2EP9-2016-03-05-00-04-03-43

And that’s it for this round.



Parents Dardarus (105) and Vidya (71), teens Jasper (67) and Pollux (94) holding toddler Melchol (8) and children Cerdric (26) and Darmian (119)


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