Fire. Round 4


Isn’t this a nice start to the 4th round for the Fire household. ^_^


But apparently it’s still not all fun and jumping in the puddles. Luna, the eldest child, isn’t exactly a good cook. XD


This round really went from 0 to 100 in a few seconds. :P


But we’ll cope, right?

In any case, Pomona is actually coping really well.


And a few minutes later, the family has a new member: little Dione, who’s in good health.

Yay, for more girls (who do not risk to drop dead too soon). I desperately need them. XD


While I’m really excited about Dione, Ianus definitely is not. While he got kind of lucky in the kids department (compared to the 6 or 7 kids some of the families have), this 4th child was just too much for him too handle.


If that would’t be enough, heatstrokes are really strong with this family this round. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-23-37-47-59 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-23-38-00-26

I think, I shouldn’t expect Ianus to be helpful at all this round. *sigh*

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-23-42-13-13 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-23-42-32-26

Not that Luna or Pomona are doing any better heat-wise. ._.


Well,… I’m sure that will help a great deal with the heat. >_<


Wait. Did it actually help? I don’t know whether it’s just a coincidence or EAxis bad programming. XD Because at least in real life, stuff like this rather tends to keep you… warm?


Father-daughter bonding time while out hunting. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-00-23-00-40 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-00-23-21-28

I’m pretty certain at this point that Dardarus just tries to mess with the other sims. Every time he visits one of the lots, he changes his mind about his ‘chosen one’. But it’s always either Pomona, Kalyani or Eudora as he’s got negative chemistry with Phaidra. XD

Dardarus is awesome. Especially, because he’s not really doing any harm, but still annoying the other males. :P


Apparently, I missed Dione’s birthday? :o


She didn’t grow up too well, is now rather on the sickish side, but still doing okay.


As they still haven’t appeared: the child sleeping in the bed (behind Ianus’ elbow) is Orpheus, the second child, and the toddler playing with the music sticks is Gunnar, the third child. :3


Pomona and Ianus are still a really cute couple. <3

And as Pomona’s currently not pregnant, they have some time for themselves. ^_^


Well… Let’s forget the part about Pomona not being pregnant, alright? XD


Instead have some cute Gunnar and Dione. :>


Orpheus’ first real appearance this round and his teen birthday, as well. :D

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-01-24-31-68 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-01-24-51-61

He’s sooo incredibly cute. <3 *-*

And he’s also a healthy family sim, who can’t wait to find his dream girl, clad in formal swim wear and without a grey hair. :P


The same evening, it’s Gunnar’s birthday, too.

But really: Pomona and Ianus are making incredibly squishy looking children who grow up to be absolutely adorable. <3


Pomona’s sloppy and Ianus’s not exactly neat, so… I’m not really surprised. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-01-33-41-97 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-01-33-54-09

He’s awesome. :>


And little Gunnar’s also cute and still healthy (btw). ^o^


Pomona’s pregnancy starts to show.


Shy sims trying to flirt are the most adorable. :c

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-40-07-42 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-40-15-99

I already love those two together sooo much, just because they’re not going straight to the first kiss and then making out and playing catch. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-47-27-83 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-47-37-99

And also because Orpheus is actually outgoing, but it’s still Harmonia taking the initiative.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-47-45-43 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-19-47-53-02

Anyway, they’re cute. :3


Really cute.


This household went through pretty bad periods of intense heat, where I had to intervene in order to not have everyone get non-stop heatstrokes. >_>

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-13-11-86 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-13-56-73

But I’ve only been partially successful. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-14-21-49 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-14-37-44

And pregnant Pomona doesn’t make it through one of her heatstrokes. >_<


If my founders keep dropping like flies, there won’t be many left by the time the next generation reaches adulthood. :<


Ianus seems… kind of delusional? I fear, he might have gone a little crazy. ^^’



Poor Gunnar. D:

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-22-50-76 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-22-58-27

Pomona’s death did seem to have gotten through to Ianus, though.


Awww. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-52-09-28 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-20-52-16-40

I feel really sorry for little Dione, who just lost her mother and has two not very sane caretakers plus a teenage boy who’s basically still a twelve year old. =/

Also, Gunnar isn’t that much better off. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-21-02-48-18 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-21-03-17-12 Sims2EP9-2016-03-03-21-03-24-46

Moreover, there’re still those damned heatstrokes. ._.


And more heatstrokes…

I would love to end this round differently, but that was it.

Adult Ianus (118), teens Luna (52) and Orpheus (88), child Gunnar (48) and toddler Dione (31)


7 thoughts on “Fire. Round 4

  1. Well, it makes sense to start the Fire household with a fire. XP

    Your founders have terrible luck with you. Not that mine fare much better. XD
    My sims’ usual ailment is freezing coupled with the flu.

    Yeah, my Generation 2 was also rather male-heavy. And then one of the teenage girls decided to attack her former lover after seeing him flirt with her younger sister… And once most of them were adults, the real drama started. So far I lost seven of them to sickness and one because she attacked someone with body points while she had none and lost (which was the sister of aforementioned teenager).
    And let’s not even get into all the founders that didn’t see their elder birthday. The Wedj-founders died pretty much one after the other (my first plague victims), leaving their children, of whom one was a baby with no one to grow him up, to fend for themselves; the Oklij-founders and Ewik Geri died by being attacked/attacking after the Oklij-husband was caught cheating and then was offed by Ewik’s grieving wife who later also killed Rezu Oklij.
    The rest made it to elder, but have started to die of sickness, too, because it’s just unkillable, no matter how many comfort soups I’m making! ^^’


    1. In my first attempt, all my founders would have made it to their elder birthday, if I hadn’t decided to give them a shorter age span (read: they died of old age before getting old).

      Somehow, my sims rarely get sick and if they do, they don’t really infect anyone else and heal pretty fast, even though I have the real sickness mod from MATY. :P
      Until now, I’ve only had one sim dying from food poisoning.

      Also: Hat updated the ACR v2 contoller for her aging mod, if you haven’t seen that already. ;)


      1. At first, they would heal rather quickly, too, and not infect anyone else, but nowadays, they are constantly sick or reinfecting. I’ve lost even more sims to the flu which I had at first considered as little more than a nuisance.

        I’ve already seen it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to want to install in already existing hoods. I made a new hood where it mostly works, but usually I only experience jump bugs when trying to assign tokens as they refuse to assign themselves. *shrugs*
        I would understand if it only happened with my Meliora-hood as it’s both very big and probably corrupted after a forced reinstall in 2014, but it happens with every Hood, even those where there are barely any sims. I guess it doesn’t play nicely with ACR 1.


  2. Those two lovey dovey teens need to make babies! XD <3 And Ianus was very entertaining this round; I especially love the part where he's too busy looking in the firefly jar (such a pretty picture!) to notice Grimmie behind him and then his delayed reaction afterwards XD classic

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