Earth. Round 4


Oh, look. Here’s something different. :0


After the fight with Kephalos, Phaidra didn’t want to stay. So, she took her daughters, her only son and her food and..


Moved further to the north, where she knew to be a little oasis surrounded by jungle.


Phaidra is expecting yet another child (quite likely her last one :>) and is therefore unable to hunt. But up in the jungle there are enough fruit trees and bushes to harvest to survive, so she decided this would be the perfect place for her and her children to stay.


Now, even the younger children can help feed the family. And as they love picking fruits, it’s a win-win situation, I guess. ^_^


It’s been some time since we’ve been in this household, as well, so we’re getting back to that second photo again.

Basically we have Phaidra and her children: Thalia, the only teen. Antiope, standing next to Phaidra. The older set of twins Lovia (in front of the lake) and Alyone (harvesting the right tree). And the younger set of twins Ida and Odoac at the front.


The first visitor is… Harmonia. :3

I would have liked to play the oasis/jungle as another ‘isolated’ tribe/settlement (and I will do that at some point in the future), but of course that wouldn’t work out, yet, so my sims are still free to go wherever they want. :P


After the children quickly gathered some food, Thalia is cooking the first meal in their new home. :D

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-01-49-08-18 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-01-49-23-54

While Phaidra takes care of her youngest children.


I still haven’t remembered to disable the special event cameras, so you’re getting this in special-event-camera-quality. But…

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-02-06-30-16 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-02-06-31-20Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-02-06-33-77

First first kiss for the 2nd generation. :O Between Thalia and Jasper. ^_^


And then they played catch. XD


With all the stuff going on, I missed Phaidra’s first bump. :<



Ida and Odoac <3


And Jasper made his way out to the jungle again. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-03-04-19-42 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-03-04-45-85

Someone’s got a little crush. :C

And Thalia’s siblings seem kind of desperate for attention. :P




As Lovia had nothing to do, I told her to greet Dardarus and apparently they then had a great conversation.


Thalia’s still occupied and said siblings (in this case Antiope) still want attention…

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-44-11-40 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-44-39-56  Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-48-47-67 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-51-15-71

And at this point, Phaidra and Jasper started heart-farting over each other constantly. Luckily, they didn’t do anything more, though. :<

Jasper’s at the moment the only teen boy, so there’ll already be enough fuss over him, even without Phaidra’s meddling. ^^’

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-53-43-15 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-54-01-44 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-54-12-85 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-54-18-36

Ianus playing with Ida and Lovia with Odoac. I love the peek-a-boo animations. <3

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-56-25-73 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-15-56-47-05


Then things started to get a little more complicated. ^^’ Phaidra’s exhausted both physically and mentally, Thalia got some teen-y mood swings going on and Jasper decided it would be a good idea to start skipping in all this mess. XD

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-16-46-28-69  Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-16-50-13-48

And right after that little breakdown, it’s time for Phaidra to give birth.


Phaidra’s been doing quite well during most of her births and everything goes smooth once again. =)


Soon, Phaidra’s holding her newborn and sadly quite sick daughter, Serena. =/ But she isn’t the first baby to be born with such a bad health, so there’s still hope. ^_^


Later in the evening, we’ve got another teen birthday coming up. :3

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-02-20-92 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-02-53-84

Antiope’s a popularity sim, who’s looking for a freckly, brown-haired sim without make-up. :> And she’s also in really, really great health.


But wait, there’s more. :P

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-21-31-75 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-22-49-39 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-23-03-52

Ida and Odoac both grow up great health-wise. But…

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-32-36-52 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-32-39-67

Ida couldn’t get to the toilet anymore. What a great first experience as a child. >_<


Odoac in his new clothes. <3

Ida has to clean herself up, so she’ll get her make-over a little later.

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-46-32-17 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-46-44-75

Phaidra’s little midlife crisis is still going strong. =/

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-51-38-02 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-17-51-58-87

Antiope talking to Alyone, who’s gone mostly unnoticed this round? I don’t know what’s she’s been up to. :P

As the family only has one teen female outift, which Thalia is already wearing, Antiope got some cool new clothes. <3


This woman is the first hobby club member being generated in this hood. And she actually fits in. XD


Some more Antiope because she’s really cute. :3

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-20-47-19-68 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-20-47-48-56

That Sunny and Frac’s trees drop fruit is just an amazing feature. ^_^


Somehow it’s always the youngest who don’t get a bed. ^^’

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-20-50-51-89 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-20-51-40-72

Finally, pictures of Ida and Odoac in daylight where you can see them properly.



Jasper is passing by a lot this round and is therefore also spending a lot of time on the lot. :P


Look at her! If she isn’t up to something, then… well, I don’t know.

But it’s also irrelevant. >_<


Because she definitely is up to something.


Namely snatching a kiss from Jasper.


Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-14-21-20 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-14-25-17

But while Jasper doesn’t mind kissing Antiope, he’s definitely after Thalia. :P

Remember the funny ACR love triangles I talked about in the last post? Well, that’s bound to happen with those three. XD


Oh, look what’s back. Heatstrokes.

And no, I didn’t miss them. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-18-51-76 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-18-56-95 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-19-14-68

Well dressed hobby sim makes a cameo appearance. :P

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-22-39-92 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-22-47-84

And Thalia hasn’t got out of her bad mood, yet. >_<


It’s Serena’s birthday.


As a little reminder, she was born quite sick. And we’re talking about a ‘mere 5 health points’-sick here. =/


Phaidra actually had time to put a nice little dress on Serena and to do her hair, but just as she wanted to go get some food for her baby girl, Serena collapsed.


At the mere age of 2, Serena sadly passes away. :(

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-29-38-80 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-30-33-27

She looks so peaceful. </3


Goodbye, little girl. D:


The dead of such a young family member takes quite a toll on the family. :<

Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-43-00-79 Sims2EP9-2016-03-02-21-43-07-54

But Antiope is making sure to distract herself quite fast. Much to Luna’s chagrin. XD


Phaidra… well, she’s still in shock? I guess…

In any case, that’s it for the 4th round. We’ll see how the rest of the family copes next round. ^^’


Adult Phaidra (92), teens Thalia (65) and Antiope (107) and children Alyone (47) , Lovia (4), Ida (92) and Odoac (87)


6 thoughts on “Earth. Round 4

  1. Psst, you wrote Kalyani instead of Phaidra!

    So I guess Serena lost even more health points upon grow up?
    You say Thalia’s a Family sim, but her thought bubble depicts the Fortune aspiration? O.o’


    1. I normally write all the posts for one round (more or less) at once and then schedule them for sundays. I then go back to every post a few days before it’s published to proof-read, because immediately after writing I’m most of the time not completely sure whether I like what I’ve created. :P

      But we’ve been visiting my boyfriend’s grandparents this weekend and I had no laptop and no internet connection, so I couldn’t do that. *cough* ^^’

      So, yes, Thalia’s a fortune sim.
      Serena was born, like I said in the post, with only 5 health points and after her toddler birthday, she lost around 7 or 8. :<


  2. I was just thinking how gorgeous and sweet this family seemed with all the first kisses, peekaboo and toddler huggles and then… poor Serena :(

    I know you’re much further along but how are you finding using the THS? Are you losing many sims? It looks like it really adds another dimension to gameplay. (As if I need another source of mortality -.- but adding something like this is tempting)


    1. I had all in all 35 sims born in the second generation and until now (as far as I played the game) 4 of them died because their health score dropped below 0. But those 4 where all rather toward the end of the generation, which makes me think that maybe I was quite lucky at the beginning? =P Also, I gave my founders all a health score of 100 to be able to get enough sims for the 2nd generation and, well, a good base. And after the last birth, Kalyani had 28 points left, Eudora 11 points and Vidya 26 points. Which isn’t all that much. Especially considering some of my 2nd generation women have scores below 100. So, there will definitely be more deaths in the future, I guess.

      As for my 3rd generation: I have 10 sims for now and one of them already died due to the health score dropping below 0 and one baby was actually born with a negative score. As you can’t kill babies, she got to live until toddlerhood and luckily her score then raised above 0. But she isn’t out of danger, yet.

      Generally, sims are pretty safe once they’re past their child birthday. Until they start getting pregnant. *cough*

      I also modified the modifiers a bit. The imbalance between genders annoyed me, so I added modifiers for men (teen to young elder) for hunting. For young adults -5, adults -10, middle age -10, older adult -15 and young elder -15.


      1. Thanks for the detailed reply :)

        That isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be. But then you have all the childbirth related deaths and it seems like it would build up quite quickly. You’re a much braver simmer than I am to stick to something like that.

        The imbalance always annoyed me when I was playing the Warwickshire challenge, this was years ago but I think I ended up with very few adult women by the time I lost interest in the hood while all my men were fine -.- Adding mortality for hunting seems like a great way to change that in a ToT setting.


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