Air. Round 4


Continuing right where we finished the last post. :)


And apparently, Kephalos managed to catch up with Kalyani and she’s actually willing to take him in. ^_^


As some time passed since the last Air post: On the left we have Harmonia (the eldest child) playing with Phyros. Phyros’ twin Chleo is talking to Eudora in front of the cave. Kalyani is feeding Zenon, her last child with her late husband Ollowain. And Kalyani’s children with Kephalos, the twin babies Nikodemos and Agapios, are inside the cave, sleeping.


First real deed of the round: Making more children!

Because you couldn’t possibly have enough of ’em, right? XD


But Kephalos also starts bonding with his new family. Considering he’s really shy and not exactly playful, well… We’ll see how well he’s going to do. :P


Surprisingly, Kephalos’ girls don’t seem to hold a grudge against their father and are visiting him right away.

The prospect of new potential playmates might have helped, tough. ^^’


In any case, Alyone seems to enjoy playing with Harmonia. :3


Even though Ollowain’s now dead for quite a while, Chleo’s still in a bad mood and takes it out on the trash can. Which Kephalos had just cleaned up again. >_<


Oh, how could that have happened? XD


Let’s hope this isn’t going to set the tone for the rest of her pregnancy. :<


Harmonia is actually really neat, playful and nice (and we’re talking 10 pts neat, playful and nice here XD ). So, she spends most of her time helping out in the household.


And playing. <3 Mostly by herself as she’s rather on the shy side. ^_^


Being the virgo, he… well, is, Kephalos is also quite helpful when it comes to run the house, too. :)


But being the only one who can take care of the trash (with the trash can getting kicked over constantly *cough*), the situation is still quite… messy. XD


‘Ugh, discusting!’

At least Zenon looks as though he’s having fun. :P


Kephalos taking care of Nikodemos. <3


And Kalyani’s pregnancy is progressing nicely.


Or maybe not so nicely? :/


Until now, we haven’t seen much of the twins (except Chleo kicking the bin over).


So, here we have Chleo talking to Alyone, who’s over again.


And Phyros who’s eating lunch with his mother and Kephalos.



I’m not quite sure whether those two pictures are related. :P


In the evening, it’s time for Harmonia’s next birthday. <3

And maybe it was rather dinner than lunch a few pictures further up. :P


I somehow forgot taking pictures of the aspiration/turn on/off panel (and not only for Harmonia, but for the whole round), but Harmonia’s a family sim with preference for non-formal clad cooks with facial hair. :>

She also grew up well (at least health-wise) and went from a sickly child to a teen with fair health. <3


And Zenon is growing up as well. With his father watching on him from above (or behind). ^_^


While Zenon made it through the toddler age with a mere 6 health points, he actually got quite a health boost. He’s still a little sick, but no longer on the verge of death. :D


Harmonia after make-over. <3


And apparently the profile pics are back. :P


As Kephalos is quite occupied taking care of the twins and the household, especially with Kalyani still pregnant and not doing too well, Harmonia gets the honour to go hunting on her own on her first evening as a teenager. :)

And yes, my sims still go hunting once a day (except if they roll a 0; max still being 6). The last rounds I didn’t really take pictures, though, because after the first few times it gets kind of boring. :P


While Harmonia’s out hunting, Zenon gets a make-over as well.


And there’re actually a few more sims waiting to grow up.


Nikodemos doesn’t grow up too well and is now quite on the sickish side.


And poor Agapios is doing even worse. :(




And Agapios


Poor Nikodemos. :< But Kalyani’s already waiting with another bottle. ^_^


With Kephalos moving in at the beginning of the round and Zenon growing up, the Air household is now actually short of 2 beds. ^^’


Poor Harmonia isn’t coping too well with the whole teen thing. :/ But being a family sim and considering that there are more and more teens running around, I’m sure she’ll find someone to get her over her initial touble. :3


Kalyani seems to be doing better by now and can actually be seen up and running more often.


After quite a long, quiet phase, Chleo is back to kicking the bin. *sigh*


Look at that non-impressed face. >_>



Today, Harmonia and Kephalos both had time, so they are hunting together.

Funnily enough, Harmonia holds a little grudge against Kephalos.Maybe something along the lines of ‘He’s not my father and will never be.’? In any case, I wasn’t quite sure how this outing would end…


But Harmonia being the nicest and most playful sim out there, there was obviously no need to worry even if she’s still not doing great aspiration-wise. XD


Back in the main household, we have Nikodemos and Agapios. <3


And Phyros. :<


Whose obviously biased towards one of the twins. o.รด


And then there’s also Chleo, again, who tought it ‘d be a good idea to kick Ollowain’s grave… We’ll see what the latter thinks of that move tonight. :<



Surprisingly, those are the first roaches they have this round. XD


Later that day, I discoved that Kephalos apparently decided that Eudora is actually a better catch than Kalyani? :P


And I have a feeling Kalyani noticed something is off. In any case, she refuses Kephalos’ try to talk to her belly.



Subsequently, poor Kalyani gets yelled at for clogging the toilet and ‘spying’ at her daughter, while she was showering. ._.


Meanwhile, Harmonia got a new dress, because I realised Luna was already wearing the one I gave her initially. That doesn’t seem to cheer her up, though. :<


Time for breakfast. ^_^



In the afternoon, a few of the neighbours came over. To be more precise, Dardarus (on the left), who lost his wife last round, and the Fire couple, Pomona and Ianus.


So, Dardarus decided to flirt with Pomona.


And while Ianus isn’t really the jealous type, being a romance sim and all…


He’s making it clear that Pomona is, at least, his, too. :P

Those little romantic triangles that develop with ACR when two sims got the hots for the same sim are kind of hilarious to watch. XD It’s all like ‘Look, I can do that.’ ‘Oh, of course, but I can, too.’ ‘Yes, of course, but I can do it as well.’.


After this little, fun ACR interrupt, it’s time for Kalyani to give birth.

Having installed the game freshly on my new computer, the animation-thingies where still on and once that was over…


Apparently Kalyani was afraid to have another baby. Even though, she’s a family sim. :<

Sadly, the birth itself went quite terrible. But Kalyani delivered a little boy, Balthasar, who’s in fair health. ^_^


Chleo and Zenon ‘playing’. :P


Later that night, Ollowain is out and about. :>


And I’m (like 99%) sure, this is actually my first ghost sighting for this challenge. :D


Poor Zenon gets to sleep outside on the bench once again.


After the craziness that was his birth, here have a proper picture of Balthasar. <3


‘Tips for having sex again? Hmmm…’


‘I don’t really know. But do make sure it’s cloudy.’


‘Oh, that sounds great. Thank you, Kalyani.’

I’m not so sure this will get him anywhere, but we’ll see. XD


The first evening of the next round is going to be busy. :P


But we also have a birthday coming up this night.


Balthasar looses a few health points, but is still doing okay. :)


Now, that Ollowain’s been haunting for the first time last night, he seems to have realised how fun it is. XD


And then at the very end of the round, something incredible happened:


This is the first and only time, I’ve ever had a sim potty train a toddler autonomously. :O


Which means, you’re getting cute potty-training-faces as a last thing this round. <3



Adults Kephalos (98) and Kalyani (28) holding toddler Nikodemos (40), teen Harmonia (50) holding Balthasar (45), children Zenon (29), Chleo (70) and Phyros (48) and toddler Agapios (19)


9 thoughts on “Air. Round 4

  1. I think sims will pottytrain on their own if they’re holding a toddler that really needs to go.
    Sort of a “Oh god, I better get that one to the potty before it pees all over me!” thing. XD
    I usually cancel the pottytrain action once the toddler’s on the potty, so I rarely see pottytrain faces.

    Well, Dardarus could start something with Kephalos’ ex-wife.
    And Kephalos is really lazy in that household picture at the end. Boo!


    1. I can’t say for sure that Harmonia wasn’t holding Agapios before she potty trained him, but as far as I can remember it wasn’ the case. It would make sense, though. :P
      You really have to take a look at your sims’ potty training faces some time. Trust me on that one. :3

      Phaidra actually only has a good chemistry with Kephalos (and Jasper, but that’s another story >_>). With all the other male founders, she has bad chemistry or none at all. So, I don’t think anything’s going to happen with here, except if she decided she’d want Kephalos back. XD
      And yes, Kephalos didn’t quite manage to blend in with his new family. I think at the end of the round, he was still only friends with Kalyani and with none of the kids, not even his own. ^^’ But he’s also shy and not very playful, so that may be why.


    2. In case you’re interested: I’m currently messing around with the potty training interaction to make it happen more often autonomously and discovered that you’re actually right about adults having to carry the toddler in order to be able to potty train them autonomously. ^_^


      1. Makes sense. I only ever see nannies pottytrain when they held the toddler beforehand.
        But an interesting Thing is that in debug mode, you can see a command for toddlers to ask for pottytraining if I remember correctly. But that’s sadly inactive, I think.
        My sims have so much to do, they rarely have time to wait for a toddler. XD

        Well, no chemistry is easy enough to circumvent and bad chemistry just Needs time and no romantic actions until the crossed out bolt is gone. Even so, they’ll only ever shrug when checking out their significant other or get only a shrug if asking.


        1. But with ACR, a sim’s chosen one is nearly never someone they have no chemistry with. And they only iniciate autonomous interactions with their chosen one. :P

          And, yes, I could make something work, but I think for the moment she’s doing fine without a partner. ^_^


  2. I guess I don’t let my sims have much freedom with the partner choice. XD
    When there’s a limited partner pool, they have to take what they can get, as I won’t make new sims for them.

    Nothing wrong with doing fine without a partner. XD
    I’m just a bit notorious about matching up single (especially widowed/divorced) sims, because I find that they get a bit too frisky with other sims. I only have ACR 1 as I’m still waiting for Almighty Hat’s makeover of ACR 2.0. And I didn’t manage to make 2.5c overwrite ACR 1, otherwise I would have used that. *shrugs*


    1. My 2nd generation isn’t really small, but the partner pool is definitely limited. I do try to ‘convince’ my sims to take fitting partners (read: have them close to each other often XD), so that everyone’s getting someone, but all romantic interactions are autonomous. ^_^


  3. Wait what!?!?! I never knew they could even potty train a toddler autonomously. Mind=blown.

    I’m also shocked by how long they went without getting roaches a can getting kicked a few times in my game is synonymous with a plague.


    1. When an adult or teen is carrying a toddler whose bladder is quite low, they sometimes do it. But not always. XP

      Somehow I’ve got at least one neat sim in most households, so the trash cans are cleaned up quite fast most of the time. Kephalos for instance is a Virgo with 9 neat points. :>


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