Prequel. Round 4


So, before getting to the Air household, we have to settle a little something on the Earth lot. :)


As Kalyani’s currently alone with 6 children, half of them toddler and younger, she decided that Kephalos should get his share, too.


And take care of little Nikodemos.


So far, so good. Right?


Well, not quite. :/


Sadly (mostly for Kephalos), Phaidra isn’t exactly amused upon finding out Kephalos made Kalyani a (rather cute) set of twins. :<


And clearly shows her disappointment.


Even Kephalos’ most convincing puppy-eyes can get him out of this now…


Kalyani seems to have disappeared as soon as the trouble started and Kephalos hasn’t much left to do besides trying to catch up with her. Hoping she’ll take him in. ^^’


Phaidra’s and Kephalos’ fall out is pretty harsh on their children. D:

But what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger… Or something along those lines. >_>


On a happier note, I got my new computer up and running last sunday and powered through round 4 this week. :D It’s just amazing to be able to play without my graphics card driver wreaking havoc and the ongoing worry that my laptop will crash every moment.


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