Stone. Round 3


The first post in quite some time… :/

I couldn’t really play sims during the last two months, because my graphics card is slowly but steadily giving up on me. Being unable to play, I also wasn’t really motivated to do any writing. :<

I also had my exams last week, so maybe it was for the better that I couldn’t play. :P

Anyway. I bought myself a new computer (thanks to christmas and birthday money) and it should be up and running in a week (or max. two). :) Until then I’ll try to finish writing the posts for Round 3, which I already played in the beginning of December. *cough*


So, first a little recap: The household consists of Vidya, who’s pregnant with her forth child,…





Cerdric, who’s the youngest family member and will show up in a moment…


and Dardarus, who’s just chilling in the back while Pollux is growing up.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-23-33-09-12 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-23-38-16-35

And his health and aspiration are fine. :)


The last (and latest) family member, Cerdric, is growing up the first evening, too.


He got all dressed up for it and is rewarded with fair health. <3


Don’t know what to say about this, except:


And maybe poor Pollux.


Second bump already. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-13-48-41-05 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-13-49-05-83

The next day, Luna is apparently over, again.


And Jasper is taking revenge for his little brother.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-03-23-20 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-03-47-65

Then, Vidya tried to cook. XD But luckily nobody got hurt.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-15-22-12 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-15-41-84

I’m pretty sure everyone’s still too occupied with cleaning themselves to give little Cerdric a bath.


But he got a new hair cut. And toys. And looks quite content. :)


I took quite a few photos of Jasper this round. ^^’

Don’t worry, you’ll only see a fraction of them. *cough*


And we’ll just go on with Vidya giving birth.


‘What you doing here? You’re not Dardarus.’

‘Don’t get upset. I’m sure he’ll be right here in a minute.’


And Dardarus actually is. Just in time. ^_^


Vidya gives birth to another boy, Sophos, who’s in fair health.


And puts him on the ground right away.


To give birth to yet another boy, Darmian, who’s in really great health.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-24-25-87 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-24-32-85

Immediately after the birth, Vidya goes on to pee herself. >_< I’m pretty sure she actually was trying to go to the toilet when she went into labour.

At least the two births didn’t take much of a toll on her health. *sigh*


During the following night, Vidya is mostly getting herself back on track, while Dardarus has to take care of the newborn twins and toddler Cerdric.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-51-59-05 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-19-52-12-68

At least, Jasper and Pollux are pretty good at occupying themselves.


In the morning, Vidya is doing good enough again to help Dardarus take care of the kids.


And that’s probably not how she imagined this to go. :P


Time flies and it’s already time for Sophos and Darmians first birthday.


Sophos’ health is getting quite poor. :/


Darmian on the other hand is doing really well.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-21-04-32-34 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-21-07-30-60

They got new, matching hair cuts. They also both have Dardarus’ ears. <3

I’m curious as to how those two will grow into their faces, as I can totally see it going both ways (especially Sophos). XD


Yeah, sure. Go ahead, you two. I mean, it’s not as though you’d have already 3 toddlers roaming around or anything. >_>

Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-21-08-19-73 Sims2EP9-2015-12-07-21-09-21-20

… XD


That was sooo clear. :<

And sadly, Vidya isn’t coping that well with the pregnancy this time round. >_>


At least, the kids are getting along and entertain themselves. <3

Dardarus is probably out hunting.


While Vidya tries to sleep, get some fun and find time for a quick shower.


But bad as she’s doing, she acutally couldn’t get anything to eat for a while…

Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-13-53-07-09 Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-13-53-19-21

And is starving. :(


Don’t look at me like this, Vidya. It’s not my fault you weren’t eating. :<

Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-13-54-20-14 Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-13-54-28-47

Vidya’s death is quite harsh on the whole family.



And don’t let Dardarus fool you.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-14-01-06-75 Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-14-01-14-36

He’s doing as bad as the children. ;_;


And although the timing might not be great, it’s actually time for a few birthdays.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-14-05-13-95 Sims2EP9-2015-12-08-14-05-25-27

First up is Jasper, who’s now a teen with ever increasing health. <3


He’s a knowledge sim, who likes fit, black-haired girls with freckles (at least that’s what whole face make-up boils down to in this hood for the moment). :)


Next up is poor, stinky Cerdric.


Who’s sadly growing up to be in quite bad health. :(

This would normally have been the end of this round, but…


I accidentally played the household for a few hours longer than I should have.


And while most the family members were sleeping, Jasper was up quite early, greeted Thalia and spent some time with her. ^_^



Dardarus (105) holding toddler Sophos (31), teen Jasper (67) holding toddler Darmian (108) and children Pollux (65) and Cerdric (26)


4 thoughts on “Stone. Round 3

  1. Funny, facepaint translates to tribal markings in my hood. XD
    I do have freckles as facepaint, too, but because two of my families consist of nymphs (read: aliens), this would look strange on them.

    A lot of your sims die of starvation, I must say. O.o’
    I suppose I’m too much of a micromanager for this to ever happen to my sims.
    The youngest toddlers sure have funny faces, though. XD


    1. Most of the sims starving to death in my hoods (not only this one) were actually pregnant and/or were scared by ghosts which tanked their hunger motive (but not enough of the other motives for them to die from fright). Ollowain was the exception to the rule. :P

      So, I guess you can say that, at least in my game, starving is the sims equivalent to complications during pregnancy. Or something like this. ;) In any case, it helps with population control. ^^’

      Sophos and Darmian definitely look… special. I can’t really decide whether they still look cute or are already ugly. XD In any case I’m really curious to see how they grow up.


      1. I think they will look just fine later on. I’ve had a couple of sims in the past who looked very strange as children, but turned out surprisingly stunning. And Darmian looks like he could end up being chased by women (or men).


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