Fire. Round 3


On we go with the 3rd household of the 3rd round. :)

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-03-17-48 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-03-21-93

Where Luna is still a little asshole and poor Orpheus has to pay for it. :<

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-16-00-41 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-16-05-63

But luckily, Ianus is there to comfort him.


Phaidra definitely choose the wrong kid to play with. XD

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-18-25-77 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-18-29-18 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-18-36-96 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-18-55-59

Ianus and Orpheus don’t really look like father and son, but they’re still both cute. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-21-36-95 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-21-47-50


As there are just 4 sims living in this household and no babies or toddlers, it was quite relaxing too play. Especially after the Air and Earth households with 6 children each.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-38-06-30 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-38-09-40

Except for the one or other heat stroke, there wasn’t much happening. :P


Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-45-49-50 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-52-21-27


I knew that children could prank others by giving them electric shocks, but I had never seen it in my own game until now. :P


Apparently, Orpheus isn’t as nice as he seemed to be until now, either.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-57-01-93  Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-57-17-22  Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-22-58-00-86

But Ianus doesn’t mind being pranked. XD


Another thing I found out in this household:


Swinging children around increases temperature rapidly for both the child and the adult. >_> Although I didn’t realise it at the time, I’m pretty sure that this is also one of the reasons Ollowain had those fatal heat strokes. ._.


Gotta check if there’s a fix for this. :o


Pomona is highly pregnant by now and was mostly eating and sleeping, therefore not showing up. ^_^

And Kephalos is greeting his oldest daughter, Thalia. :P


Then it’s getting dark and Pomona finally gives birth again.


While Ianus tries to sleep through the labour. Doesn’t quite work out though, because Pomona’s crying too loud. Poor him. ._.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-23-17-06-76 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-23-17-22-99

Everything goes smooth and soon, Pomona is holding her, sadly a little sickly, son Gunnar.



In the meantime, Ianus got apparently out of bed. XD


He even makes himself useful and takes care of Gunnar. :3

Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-23-32-13-09 Sims2EP9-2015-12-03-23-32-21-85

Meanwhile, Pomona burns her food. :<


And Luna and Orpheus are playing. ^_^


Gunnar in daylight. <3


Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-18-47-19-63  Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-20-45-58-86

Apparently, that flower talk really gets them going and Pomona immediately becomes pregnant again… XD


Oh, well. A few more children for the Fire’s wont hurt, right? ^_^


Even after Gunnar’s birth, there still wasn’t much going on, so: First bump already.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-21-06-38-77 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-21-07-23-50

And Gunnar’s first birthday. <3

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-21-18-18-81 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-21-18-43-38

He’s still sick, but his health improved quite a bit, so I have hope he’ll do fine in the future.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-21-22-37-71  Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-12-48-20 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-13-06-40

Another couple heat strokes. >_>


Ianus eating from the fridge, because he’s too lazy to cook. ._.


And second bump. :3


We’re reaching the end of the round and it’s time for Luna’s teen birthday. Thalia, Jasper and her were born on the same day and are the oldest sims from the 2nd generation. And they all turn into teens the last evening of the 3rd round. ^_^


Luna is a romance sim like her father. ^_^ Her partner should have a couple logic points – sorry, not going to happen that fast – and he should be in underwear and without make-up. That last part actually does fit, somehow. :p


And he probably shouldn’t be too neat. >_>

Totally coming after her mother with the farting she got going on. XD


I have the feeling that either Ianus’ or Pomona’s face template are broken, because Luna’s eyes are way too big compared to those of her parents. o.ô

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-45-53-21 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-45-57-82

Beside the farting, she apparently also got her mother’s cooking skills.


I don’t know, what Pomona did to anger Kephalos. o.O


In any case, Ianus doesn’t like anyone badmouthing his wife. :<


Also, Luna’s still annoying poor Orpheus whenever she can. *sigh*


And this time round, Ianus isn’t a big help for him either, considering he’s too occupied wallowing in self-pity to play with Orpheus.

Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-58-16-12 Sims2EP9-2015-12-05-22-58-19-74

So, Orpheus just gets himself something to eat and hopes Luna won’t notice him. XD



Parents Ianus (118) and Pomona (119), teen Luna (52), child Orpheus (93) and toddler Gunnar (33)


2 thoughts on “Fire. Round 3

  1. I was just thinking how much of a sweetheart Orpheus seemed and then he goes around shocking people -.- I’ve also never seen the shock interaction in my own game.


    1. Well, it’s just a prank after all and Ianus didn’t even mind. =P Also, Orpheus totally is a sweetheart. He’s got a whopping 7 nice and 10 playful points to call his own. ^_^ The latter probably being the reason why he likes playing pranks. ^^”


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