Air. Round 3


After Ollowain’s death last round, Kalyani is now heavily pregnant and alone with a child and two toddlers. We’ll see how that goes. XD


It actually starts off quite calm with Harmonia crawling into her mother’s bed, now that there’s a free place.


But between being pregnant and having to take care of the toddlers, Kalyani doesn’t really get to sleep.


At least not in her bed. >_<


Luckily for Harmonia, she’s already a child and can mostly take care of herself.


In the evening, it’s time for Ollowain’s and Kalyani’s last child to be born.


Seems like half the neighbourhood came around to support Kalyani.


And apparently help with the other kids while she’s giving birth. <3


Without further complications, Kalyani gives birth to Zenon.


Who’s sadly in quite bad health. :/


And who gets to feel right away that the situation in the household isn’t the best. :(

Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-21-40-27-27 Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-21-40-31-61

But Harmonia gives her best and helps to take care of her younger siblings as good as she can. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-21-42-59-68 Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-21-43-03-26 Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-21-43-08-54


A few hours later and to my big surprise, everyone was sleeping. :O


Kalyani and Harmonia eating breakfast and talking about everything and anything.


Chleo and Phyros <3 This time not fighting for food. :P


Kalyani taking care of Zenon. ^_^


And then Kephalos came over. Or invited himself in, I don’t remember. And yes, he does that sometimes. :P


It took them like whole 5 seconds to get to the bed. *sigh*


… >_>

And in case anyone’s wondering: Ollowain’s grave isn’t shown on purpose. I only realised it’s there while cropping the photos. XD

Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-23-43-46-02 Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-23-43-51-85

Chleo’s getting her revenge. :< And it totally was revenge. She wasn’t even hungry and there’s actually another perfectly fine bottle lying around. :P

Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-23-46-37-61 Sims2EP9-2015-11-24-23-46-48-95


The family still isn’t doing terribly well, but they somehow manage to survive.

As there’s currently no one in the household who can go on a hunt, they have to survive on berries alone. Luckily, they do have 2 or 3 bushes and not just one. :O Otherwise, it’d have gotten serious real fast.


First birthday for this round. :3


Zenon is now a toddler and sadly, he’s really sick by now. :<


As if the situation hadn’t been bad enough without even more children. ._. Oh, well… :P


But: More birthdays. :D

Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-03-11-19 Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-03-37-59

Chleo grew up badly aspiration-wise, but good health-wise. Can’t have everything, right? ^_^


For Phyros it’s the other way around. :P But he’s still in good health.


I just had to take a photo of her in that outift. XD It looks so cute. <3

Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-35-22-47 Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-35-29-89

Chleo actually was afraid of a family member dying when her father died and she hasn’t really recovered since. Which isn’t that surprising considering her mother had barely any time for her. :<

Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-41-49-31 Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-42-02-26

At least she’s got her twin who’s always there for her. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-49-25-90 Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-49-40-31

Kephalos passed by nearly everyday and checked on Kalyani. At least something, right? :3 Even if it isn’t really all that helpful. :P

Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-00-59-47-84 Sims2EP9-2015-11-25-01-00-05-13

He even ate dinner together with the family. :O

(Read: He was eating away their food. XD )





Sims2EP9-2015-11-29-16-28-53-30 Sims2EP9-2015-11-29-16-29-09-91

The next day, Kalyani and Chleo decided to do a little dance in remembrance of Ollowain. <3

Sims2EP9-2015-11-29-16-43-01-80 Sims2EP9-2015-11-29-17-07-57-91


Aaand… it’s time for another birth.


This birth’s giving Kalyani quite some trouble.


She delivers quite a frail boy who’ll go by the name of Agapios.


But we’re not done yet. DX After some more complications,…


Kalyani’s giving birth to yet another boy, Nikodemos. He’s doing quite a bit better than his twin.


If my other female sims continue to pop out boys like Kalyani did, I’ll have too many boys by the end of the round. XD


And that was it for this household. ^_^



Kalyani (54) holding the babies Agapios (29) and Nikodemos (56), children Harmonia (36), Phyros (48) and Chleo (70) and toddler Zenon (6)


4 thoughts on “Air. Round 3

  1. I think in the description at the end you confused Nikodemos with his father. XD

    Well, there’s an easy work-around for too many of one gender: Alien Abductions!
    Assuming you can find a telescope that doesn’t look too much like one. XD


    1. Sorry for answering so late. I was kind of occupied with non-sims stuff (mostly university, though). ;)

      And yes, I might have jumbled their names up. *cough*

      Oh, I’m sure I’ll find something to do with any spare sims. :P


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