Stats. Round 2

It’s statistic time again. \o/

So, we’ve got the ranking for Round 2:

  1. Earth
  2. Stone
  3. Water
  4. Fire
  5. Air

Which is also the overall ranking. Compared to the first round, Water and Fire just switched places. The rest of the families have the same rank. ^_^

At the end of the 2. round my hood has:

  • 25 sims
  • 11 males and 14 females

1. Generation:

  • 9 sims
  • 4 males and 5 females

2. Generation:

  • 16 sims
  • 7 males and 9 females
  • 8 single births and 4 pair of twins (which means 8 and 8 XD )
  • 6 children, 9 toddlers and 1 baby

2 thoughts on “Stats. Round 2

    1. I only realised how many sets of twins I have while writing this post, too. :P
      We’ll see how my population does the next few rounds. When I finally get to play again, that is.


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