Fire. Round 2


I might not start the Fire household with an image of an overheated sim, but therefore we’ve got Pomona here. Who ate spoiled food on another lot and has food poisoning… >_>


I was apparently not really making photos the first day, but here: Have some cute Orpheus…


and some, currently not so cute, Luna. :P


Then Orpheus is already growing up. And he’s even doing really well. ^_^


After that it’s time for some more cockroach action. ._. I’d love to know who kicked the bin over. I’d guess, it was either Eudora or Vidya.


Though, Pomona’s expressions are awesome. XD


A last picture of Luna as a toddler.


And it’s time for her birthday. <3


She’s even managed to snitch another couple of health points on her way to childhood. Her health is still quite poor though. :/


Oh, right. Ianus is still around, too. He must have done boring stuff only until now. :P


But yeah, he’s getting more important by the minute. :P As Pomona’s healthy again, it’s time to father the next child. Or rather have fun, as neither of them is actually interested that much in getting even more children (romance & popularity).



That’s… kind of creepy, Luna. o.รด


But you can admire her new hair cut. ^_^


Cute. <3


Remember that awkward dinner in the Earth household with Phaidra, Kephalos and Kalyani. And me saying it’s even stranger because of things that happen later this round? Well, Kephalos proved once more he would have made an awesome romance sim. Which means he’ll definitely not reject Kalyani, if she tries anything romance-y. Which she’ll probably do, because she ain’t got a husband no more. And is a family sim. Who wants more children… a lot more…

But the best thing in all of that mess is still the fact that Kephalos is a knowledge sim and a virgo, a frigging virgo, who’s so shy, it could be considered social anxiety. Like, one of those sims is normally not even getting a single partner. Let alone more than one. XD

Well, to get back to the actual household: Vidya ain’t taking none of Kephalo’s shit. :P


The Fire household is still the one with the least berry bushes (only one, to be exactly), so they almost completely rely on hunting. Which isn’t going too well for them as Ianus is currently not bringing home that much prey. :/


But they’ll manage. ^_^


Orpheus is still a little squishy looking. But he’ll grow into it. ^_^


Luna is kind off always standing around and staring like this. o.O


See? And I would totally get out of there, if I were her. XD


I guess, this is a new record for this hood: Pomona managed to stay not pregnant for around 5 days. :O But she couldn’t avoid it any longer. :P


The 2. generation gets to feel the heat. Though for non-pregnant sims heat strokes are definitely less serious. Even if Ollowain managed to prove that they can die from them, too. :(


Ianus is stinky. :<


But he apparently still knows how to use a shower. :P


And spends the rest of the evening playing with his children. <3


Morning sickness, ahoi!


Pomona, Vidya and Eudora playing catch and exchanging the newest gossip.


While Luna is doing the washing up. XD


But she’s also getting a lot of attention from her father, so I guess she can’t really complain. ;)


Especially because Luna also got a real mean streak going, which definitely shows when she’s playing. She was constantly hitting her father with the ball.


So, I guess, Ianus deserves double the respect that he’s even playing with her in the first place. :P


Ianus’ and Pomona’s next child is making himself felt. ^_^


Later that day, it’s Orpheus’ second birthday for this round. :)


He’s still in really good health and look! He actually isn’t looking as squishy anymore. :D




And another profile picture, cause that’s my thing this round.


Now that Orpheus is all grown up and can play with Luna, he’s being her next victim. XD


Family dinner :) plus Kephalos who’s talking about naughty stuff. :O


And as soon as toys become a topic, the men flee the stage as fast as they can. XD I really don’t know what’s going on with men and toys in this hood? o.o


No, I have no idea why I took so many pictures of Ianus cleaning the toilet and yes, I’m still going to post them because I can. So, enjoy and that’s it for this round. :P



Parents Ianus (122) and Pomona (101) and children Luna (34) and Orpheus (93)

On a last note, I’m quite amazed how ‘realistic’ the challenge is currently playing out in some places. For example this household: They had quite a lot of trouble getting enough food, which is reflected in the fact they have less children/had less pregnancies than most other households. :)


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