Stats. Round 1

Before I go on to Round 2, here some statistics for everyone who loves them as much as I do. :P

First off, at the end of each round I calculate a score for each household to rank them. This score is essentially based on:

  • health scores (6 pts for excellent, 5 for superior, …)
  • number of friends
  • skill points
  • household’s resources (for the moment: number of hunted animals and harvested berry bushes)

So, the ranking for Round 1 is:

  1. Earth
  2. Stone
  3. Fire
  4. Water
  5. Air


All in all the hood has:

  • 19 sims
  • 8 males and 11 females

1. Generation:

  • 10 sims
  • 5 males and 5 females

2. Generation:

  • 9 sims
  • 3 males and 6 females
  • 7 single births and 1 pair of twins
  • 4 toddlers and 5 babies



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