Water. Round 1


And we’re getting to the last household: Samael and Eudora Water.


Our leftovers who are getting, like I predicted, along quite nicely once they’re living together. The problem was their negative chemistry, mostly due to Samael being a romance sim and Eudora a family sim. But as there is now no one else to socialize with, it suddenly works. :P


And even really well.


Like, really, really well. ^_^

And I’m happy for them (and for me, because otherwise I’d have been more complicated).


I think that’s the first photo on this blog of a sims eating something else than hotdogs. Or what I really want to say: My sims are actually mostly eating hotdogs. XD


Random dog: ‘Hey, hey, what ya all doing here?’

Vidya&Kepahlos: *abrupt silence*

Meanwhile inside the cave:


Samael and Eudora are really keen on getting those babies going. At least Eudora. Samael’s probably more interested in the act itself. :P



Some more spoiled food eating for everyone. Yay! >_>



Surprise, surprise. Eudoras’ got food poisoning. :/


And she’s pregnant.


I told ya Eudora’s bin kicking habits would get back to her.


But first bump. <3


And still food poisoning. >_>


The cockroach obsession might commence.


After a long night: one cockroach legion down, two (I think) more to go. :/


I guess, you can say the cockroaches won. At least they managed to spread the flu. ._.

(And yes, Vidya totally kicked the bin over again, before they even had a chance to clean up. )


To conclude: Eudora is pregnant, has food poisoning and the flu. Congratulations. XD


Gathering berries, because no hunting for sick sims.


And they both somehow managed to recover in no time. :0 Mostly because they had been up all night stomping on cockroaches and went to bed right after getting sick, I guess. *sigh*


Upon hearing the good news, Samael starts performing a dance of joy. :P


And gets himself some tasty hotdogs.


In the evening, Eudora (who, in the meantime, recovered from the food poisoning, too, because she was just doing so bad that she went from sleeping to eating to peeing and right back to sleeping) is giving birth.


Which is going quite well. Surprisingly. :P


And soon Eudora’s holding her newborn daughter, Medeia, who’s in good health.


But it’s not over yet. ^_^


Eudora is giving birth to another baby and while the actual birth was a bit more complicated…


She’s delivering another healthy girl, Penelope.


Even romance sim, Samael, is delighted by his two cute baby girls. <3



Outgoing as Eudora is (and she is a full 10 points outgoing), she coaxed Samael into sofa sex on their ‘front lawn’. :>


This looks so much as though they would be posing for a family photo. Except for the missing clothes. XD


Parents Samael (96) and Eudora (76) and babies Medeia (54) and Penelope (77)


6 thoughts on “Water. Round 1

    1. They may not be that neat, but they’re not sloppy either. They both have 4 or 5 points if I remember correctly.
      The real problem is that they’re just unable to get their stuff together. XD But they’re quite fun to play nonetheless.


      1. The moderately difficult households usually are.
        I have a household in my recently started prehistoric neighborhood where the husband cheated on his wife in front of her almost as soon as they got married. It took me two or three rounds before they were in love with each other again. He’s still cheating (well, most of these sims are, to be honest), but he hasn’t been caught again. XD


  1. These two are super SUPER cute! XD I bet their babies are gonna grow up adorable *wants to squish them* They feel like a really fun couple to play, probably because of the drama – how is Eudora still alive?! Like oh my goodness girl! And I loved how you started this challenge. It reminds me of the Asylum Challenge – boy that was fun! ^.^


    1. Oh, yes, their children are absolutely georgeous. XD

      It’s seems like forever that I played the first round. Which doesn’t help with remembering how the actual heck Eudora survived all of that. =P But she did, so… Yay! :3

      It was really nice to just play all the sims together for a few days at the beginning. I find it helps with getting to know them better and gives a nicer hood dynamic. ^_^


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