Stone. Round 1


4th Household: Dardarus and Vidya Stone


Who are madly in love. ;)


And impatiently waiting for their first child to be born.

Although, they’re no family sims, so maybe they’re not that impatient. :P


Babies (and adults of course, too) need food, so Dardarus is busy hunting and gathering. Meanwhile, Vidya is probably occupied with the comatose sleep of the pregnant. :P


Quite early the next morning, Vidya is giving birth. It wasn’t all peace and harmony…


But the Stone’s are now proud parents of a healthy little boy. Welcome to the family, Jasper. ^_^



I’m sorry, Jasper, but you’re probably not getting too much attention until you can get around on your own. ^^’


And looks like Jasper is getting a little sister or brother in the near future. :)


But first, it’s time for his birthday.


His father’s (and maybe also his mother’s?) features aren’t looking to well on a tiny toddler. But he’ll grow into it. :P


She isn’t even that sloppy (4 points). o.ò

Sometimes, I really don’t understand my sims. XD But she didn’t get sick, so… whatever.


Apparently, I wasn’t in a photo making-mood, while playing this round.


Yep, definitely not.

While her first birth didn’t went too well, everthing went smooth this time round.


And Vidya delivers another healthy boy, which will go by the name Pollux. Yay, for more boys. XD


Parents Dardarus (116) and Vidya (82), toddler Jasper (49) and baby Pollux (66)


7 thoughts on “Stone. Round 1

    1. Well, the first rounds are still fun to play, but when I have to write about it, I don’t really want to tell the same thing in every post. XD

      I don’t think I ever had a fight between kids. In my hoods, it’s always the teens that get in trouble. :P


  1. What a serious looking toddler. XD
    But I think that he’s still rather cute. One of my toddlers lately also came out looking rather squished, but that has to do with his mother’s face not playing too nicely with the toddler stage.


      1. Squished looking toddlers are definitely a thing, but as they mostly still turn out quite decent when growing up, it’s not that bad. And they do look quite cute, too. Just in a squishy way. :P

        And indeed: Yay for more boys. ^_^


        1. They look so squished because they’re squishable. XD

          I could probably send you a couple of excess boys by now, actually. XD
          Though I have to make another headcount. It’s possible that there actually are enough girls…


        2. Actually, I have nearly finished playing round 3 by now and it’s starts to turn around. If it continues like this, I’ll have to many boys soon. XD So, I guess you can keep yours. :P


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