Fire. Round 1


Third Household: Ianus and Pomona Fire. ^_^


Same old game, same old game.


And then off to get some food.


Ianus, the Proud :P


By now it started being a little bit the same over and over again, so… less photos for the moment and fast forward to the next afternoon:


Pomona is giving birth to her first child. :)



During the birth, everything went okay.


And it’s yet another girl, Luna. <3 Who’s also not in best health. =/


Like I said, history repeats itself… At least, they have fun?


And are giving me lots and lots of babies. XD


Ianus, the Proud, is doing a wonderful job at hunting again. :P

Even though I’m joking, this is actually really important, as the Fire household only has one berry bush. =/



It’s birthday time. :3


Luna is now a little toddler and her health has actually improved a little. Okay, not really. Just like 1 point. But it didn’t deteriorate.


The Fire household might have some cleanness troubles. XD Ianus and Pomona both just have 2 neatness points.



Luna <3



The Fire household might also have some food troubles. =/


That doesn’t mean that Ianus hasn’t time to play with his daughter though. ^_^


But overall they’re really not doing terribly well. D:


And in all this chaos, Pomona gives birth to…


Orpheus! The first boy for this challenge, his birth went without a hitch and he’s even in really good health. <3


Parents Ianus (122) and Pomona (101), toddler Luna (31) and baby Orpheus (87)


5 thoughts on “Fire. Round 1

  1. Do your sims also have problems hitting the animals with a spear when they’re tired?
    How many neatness points does Luna have? They usually come after their parents, but I’ve had sloppy sims give birth to really neat sims, too.


    1. At beginning my sims nearly never managed to kill the animals and I didn’t make the connection between the energy and the failing. So, I asked at the keep and sunni didn’t know what was going on right away, either. But then she realised that hunting with the spear is only successful when energy is above 75% (if I remember right). Sunni and Frac decided they liked it that way and I’m now using the traps. :P

      Luna and Orpheus both have 2 neatness points, too. But I know what you mean. Ianus and Pomona for example are both quite nice (6 and 7 points respectively), but Luna only got a single point. XD


      1. Eh, if they do not hit them with the spear, they have to get into close combat with them. Especially the bear, since it seems to always spawn near the house. XD

        I think the one nice point child of multiple point parents is the most common. I think someone explained that it has to do with the game sorting the points from the first category (neatness/sloppyness) to the last and there are usually not enough points left for the niceness meter.
        I usually reroll their personality if there are multiple children like that. Especially when it doesn’t make sense.


        1. I didn’t want to use the sword, because it’s not quite period appropriate. :P

          Well, my sims’ personalities seem to be rather balanced. Most of the time, they have a few traits that differ from their parents’ and I think that’s realistic. I mean, just because two individuals are related doesn’t mean they have to have the same personality. But of course it’s also funny if children share a few traits with their parents. ;)

          And I don’t seem to get that ‘one nice point’-problem too often. Or at least I haven’t noticed until now. Gotta keep an eye open. ^_^


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