Earth. Round 1


Household N° 2 Kephalos and Phaidra Earth


They decided to be uncreative and start off the usual way, too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


After that, they got to the next important point on their list: food.


And watching Phaidra work. XD

Just joking, he was actually waiting for animals to hunt down. :P


Welcome to the life of my female sims!

Sleeping, …


eating, …


and giving brith. XD


While Kephalos gives undue preference to finishing his shower.


Phaidra’s first birth went really well and she gives birth to a healthy girl, who goes from now on by the name of Thalia. ^_^


Then after the shower, off to father the next child. ^^’


But he’s actually making quite a good father, so it’s okay. <3


Gotta have some fun, too, in this mean, mean world. :)



‘How dare you break that toilet? Can’t you ever pay attention to what you’re doing?’


For those words, he can go repair it right away. o.ô


Yep, makes sense… I guess? At least it’s not storming…


Phaidra is pregnant for the second time. ^o^


While Eudora is back on her bin-kicking ways. >_>


‘Tehehehe… They’ll never find out that I did it.’

She’s got quite a mean streak. XD




Times flying by and Thalia’s already grown up to be a toddler. She’s a bit frail, but…


Still full of life. <3


Phaidra is taking a nap (probably after putting Thalia in bed, too).


In the meantime, Kephalos is going to hunt.


And even checks on the berry bushes.


One of the funniest things in this challenge (that I also only have seen while playing my ToT hoods): Everyone being outside so much, that they automatically great every good friend that comes by. Whether they live in the current houshold or not. XD




My sims also start feeling the eternal summer.


And we’ve got first heat strokes. =/


Kephalos: Always prepared to help the love of his life. :P


Phaidra does not have any easy time during her second pregnancy. >_<


But she’s coping and it’s time for the birth, even if that doesn’t go as well as her first one.


It’s another girl, Antiope, and she’s in good health. <3



Parents Phaidra (106) and Kephalos (99), toddler Thalia (37) and baby Antiope (65)


10 thoughts on “Earth. Round 1

  1. Thalia’s a cutie!
    And I have to laugh, because I have a sim of that same name. XD

    Phaidra’s lucky. In my game, she would have probably lost that baby. :/ Maybe I should look at that add-on to avoid miscarriages anyway.
    I’m constantly fretting over my pregnant sims and it seems completely random, too! I’ve had women losing children just by looking at them funny while others can almost starve/fall asleep on the ground without so much as a warning. ô.ó


    1. Yes, she definitely is. :) And we’ve got quite a few sims with the same names, like Eudora and there’s also an Orpheus in my challenge who hasn’t appeared on the blog, yet, and he’s got red hair, too. Though it’s lighter, as is his skin. :P

      As much as I ‘like’ (if you can tell it that) having a decent mortality rate in my hood, which is why I use the Warwickshire health system, I never liked the idea of miscarriages in my game. It feels like not even giving a future sim a chance to… I don’t know. Live? Show how strong/clever he is? I guess. I’d rather have a higher death rate without miscarriages than a lower one with miscarriages.
      I’m not too sure whether I currently make sense. XD

      And another unrelated question: How do you add your pictures to your posts that they link to the actual picture in full size if you click on them? The only way I found to do it is a certain html command, but then I’d have to do it for every single picture and that’s way too much work for my many pictures. :/


      1. Actually, Orpheus Khrysaor has brown hair. XD He just got Brisance hair because his mother is a redhead and I wanted to show this through a slight redish tint to his hair color.

        I thought at first, that it would make it a bit more realistic, but it’s just too random. And I can’t have any pregnant woman decide for herself what she wants to do, I always have to micromanage them. :/
        No, it makes sense. In a twisted kind of way, but I’m not one to talk, I guess. I randomnize my sims’ lifespan, too. XD

        Well, when you click on a picture, there should appear something called “attachment details”. When you scroll down to the end, there ought to be something called “attachment display settings”. And there should be a field called “size” (thumpnail, medium, large). Click on “full size” and it should display the actual size of the picture.
        I found that after I did it once, it stuck for all the pictures, but maybe I’m remembering it differently… You can certainly try it out.


        1. My Orpheus still look a little like yours in lighter. :P

          I remember that at the beginning of November, when I made my wordpress, there was this attachment detail stuff somewhere. But I think they made an update since then or something? In any case, I can’t find it anymore and the whole picture uploading menu looks different from back then.

          Or could it may be related to the theme you’re using?


      2. Poor little guy. XD
        Orpheus is not exactly someone I would call handsome. Though he still has his father beat in the looks department.

        Hmm, maybe, because I still have that option when uploading and adding pictures… ô.ó


        1. I’m not sure, yet, whether he’s going to look handsome or not. At the moment he’s got a cute nose, but the rest is mostly looking a little squished, but I have high hopes that he’ll grow into it. :P


    2. Miscarriages are pretty random in my game too. I’ve thought using the no miscarriage pack, but then I would have too much work using the Warwickshire system. Which to be honest, I read once and my eyes rolled back. LOL


      1. The whole challenge is really quite overwhelming, but if you just want to use the health scores and the pregnancy scores (which determine how many points a sim looses when giving birth), you only need to read pages 27-37 in version 3.3.4 (newest teaser). And then you can leave away half the pages, if you don’t include the health tour and doctor/healer stuff right away. ;)

        So, in short:
        Health score: pages 27, left side 28, 30, 31
        Childbirth: pages 36, 37, top 38


      2. Eh, I simply roll a random death date with Excel: Enter the year of birth and the year of death in randbetween and it’ll throw out a random number.
        …Though it really only works when one actually organizes their sims in years, so not so useful for the maxis lifespan.

        Or you could look at a sim’s personality: I have a sim who only has one active point and am playing him as if he had a weak heart, rolling a random number from 1 to 10 where 1 is no health scare and 10 is acute danger. It’s very simplified, of course…

        And I hear you about the Warwickshire challenge. v.v’
        I’ve looked into it a couple of times in case I could find something useful for my story hood and pretty much made a hasty retreat, shaking my head in dismay all the time.
        Might just be me being lazy and not willing to do too much math, though.


        1. With the maxis age span a sim can get maximal around 80 or 90 days (I think?) old, so you could always roll a number between 1 and the max number of days and that’s the number of days the sim will live. Though it’s a little bit harder to keep track of.

          And yes, the warwickshire challenge is quite a lot of math. XD Though I have nearly the complete birth calculations automatised with a programm someone shared on MATY, which can roll random numbers (and some other stuff).


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