Air. Round 1


The first family in the rotation is the Air household with Ollowain and Kalyani.


As Kalyani is one of only two females  who isn’t pregnant, yet (the other one being Eudora), she and Ollowain are getting right to the important stuff.


Ollowain is the second one to fall in love in this hood. <3 And there’ll be more following soon.


As I stated in the rules each family has a lot with a cave with beds, cribs and some toys and an outside eating area. On the left you can see Kalyani harvesting berries from one of the two bushes that are on this lot.



It isn’t long until other sims are coming over. :) Here we have Ollowain debating with Dardarus.


‘… and it would be so much easier to just get all different kinds of items.’

But I don’t think, Ollowain manages to get his point across. In any case, Dardarus doesn’t look convinced.


~dun dun dun~


After the exhausting debate about non existent paper stuff, it’s time to go hunting and apparently talk some more about anachronistic things.



This is actually the only time, Kalyani (or any of the other girls) went hunting, because I realised afterwards that taking pregnant sims hunting isn’t exactly a good idea. But the problem is that until now I only had a bathtub on the hunting grounds next to the pond, because that’s the least magical way to go about a prehistoric setting and showering, right?

Sooo… after the first couple days, I caved and gave them a shower on the lot. :D


But: As they were fetching water from the pond anyway (to have a sink), I’m just pretending they carry the water for each shower from the hunting grounds to their lot. *cough*


They’re so cute together. <3

As I didn’t make the original couples with mostly matching skin/hair colours this time round, genetics are way more exciting from the beginning on. :) Let the child birthing commence!


The early bird catches the worm.

Nothing but breakfast before dawn. XD



‘What? I ain’t nothing to do with that… right?’


Ollowain missed her first bump. D: Well, at least he has a good reason.


He had to shower…

No, wait. That wasn’t the good reason. Ollowain? o.ô


Hmmm… Yes. That’s better. ^_^


Food. \o/


Then some more obligatory playing in the bathtub before going home. *_*


In the meantime, Kalyani, who stayed at home, needs to shower quite badly. :<



So, she resorts to the sink. Which is sadly not that effective, otherwise it would have been a great solution for my prehistoric shower problem.

I know there’re people out there who play this era completely without shower/bathtub, but I just can’t. Smelly sims are a pain in the ass. ._.


For dinner, Kalyani made fresh ‘n’ tasty deer hotdogs. :P


Ollowain and Kalyani both strongly disagree with…


Eudora’s and Ianus’ conversation? o.ò


Second bump. <3


Nothing more fun than playing in a puddle… in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm while pregnant. XD


The first baby is coming. :0

(Don’t mind the missing belly. Just broken graphics card things.)


The birth didn’t went smooth at all. =/ But…


They now have a cute little girl, which they name Harmonia. ^_^ She’s quite week, but I’m sure she’ll grow up just fine. <3


Immediately after giving birth, Kalyani handed Ollowain the baby…


and went off to tread on some not so cute cockroaches, which are there because someone *cough* Eudora *cough* kicked over the trash can. >_>

She’ll get it back, though…


‘Do you hear that, Kalyani?’

‘What? No, I can’t hear a thing…’


So, I’m just imaging the crying baby? o.ò Must be it.


Luckily for Ollowain and Kalyani, they do not only have bin-kicking neighbours, but also some that love cleaning up after strangers. XD


… ._.


They love to live dangerously.


The next day, we have some more hunting.


And a really tired Ollowain. :3


While Ollowain is abscent, Kephalos walked by and Kalyani greets him. But, to my amazement, they actually behave. XD And that even though Kalyani isn’t in love with Ollowain. :0 On the other hand, she isn’t with Kephalos, either.


Ollowain with his little daughter, Harmonia.


And it’s time for the first ever birhtday in this ‘hood. <3

Luckily, Harmonia is growing stronger by the day.


A last first bump and that’s it for the first round. ^_^



Parents Kalyani (104) and Ollowain (101) and toddler Harmonia (30)

(With their health scores in brackets.)


10 thoughts on “Air. Round 1

  1. I agree with you: Smelly Sims are difficult to deal with. Always whining and stopping actions. I don’t know how some people deal with them because I always want to strangle them at such a moment.
    Not quite as bad as sims with low fun, though. <.< Oh the amount of pregnant sims in bad moods…
    I love the household picture at the end there. XD


  2. Yes, It can be quite difficult to keep pregnant sims entertained. Especially when they’re constantly trying not to starve, pee themselves or sleep on the floor. Händeklatschen can be a real lifesaver in those situtions.

    I’m way too lazy to do ‘real’ family photos with pose boxes and stuff and those pictures are a great way round it. :P


    1. It took me forever to really appreciate the value of red Hands (Händeklatschen). XD
      But when you have a caveman family that doesn’t have luxuries like TVs or painting easels, you’re in a difficult position.

      Nah, it’s fine! You’re doing this for fun. I never do family photos, so who am I to talk? :P
      I just found it hilarious how she’s turned away from the rest as if to say: “Yuck, that’s my family?!”


      1. It’s less a ‘Yuck, that’s my family?!’ and more a ‘Yuck, that’s my husband?!’. :P Kalyani isn’t in love with Ollowain and for maxis this means they’re ‘fighting’.


      2. Heh. XD
        I have a similar Situation in one of my modern hoods at the moment. The wife caught her husband cheating twice and even though she’s no longer angry at him, the neighborhood view still shows her as such.


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