A new neighbourhood is born


May I present to you: The 10 sims that have been randomised chosen to partake in this glorious challenge. They’re living in a neighbourhood that I wittily called ‘Once Upon a Time’ or to be more precise in it’s subneighbourhood ‘The Origin’.


Currently, this is the only lot in said subhood, the starting point for this challenge and the hunting grounds-to-be. It has quite a big pond, some greenery and a little cave, where my sims can take shelter from the sun.

As suggested by the original rules, I’ll start the challenge with 5 couples. Or in my case 5 male and 5 female sims.

First are our male actors:


Samael (Romance)


Ianus (Romance)


Dardarus (Popularity)


Ollowain (Family)


and Kephalos (Knowledge).

And our females:


Pomona (Popularity)


Phaidra (Knowledge)


Eudora (Family)


Kalyani (Family)


and Vidya (Fortune).

(The majority of those sims actually aren’t my creations, but are based on or ‘genetic combinations’ of sims I downloaded at some point. Unfortunately (and I’m really sorry for that), I can’t exactly remember which sim belongs to whom and am therefore unable to give proper credit. ^^” Raemia, pixiedevil, Keoni-chan, quellasims, gembembabii, sixamsims and sixtylilies are quite certainly the creators, though. Except for Dardarus, whose genetics are part of Hat Plays Sims’ multiple ideal plantsim mod, which I realised only after I made him. >_>)

I just put them on the lot and…

Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-21-56-25-48 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-21-56-27-83

Yeah, you know how sims are. :P Losing no time, when it comes to important stuff.


Dardarus and Vidya hit it off right away and don’t look as though they’ll think too much about anyone else in the near future.


Same for Pomona and Ianus. Because there was so much going on, I missed their first kiss, though.



For everyone else, it’s not going quite as smooth.


Ollowain was apparently pushing his luck when he tried to kiss Phaidra. In any case, she isn’t interested at all.


Which he doesn’t handle very well. :/



Unimpressed by Ollowain’s misfortune, Samael gives kissing Pomona a try and… is not quite successful either. At least he’s not taking the rejection as serious as Ollowain.


On the other hand, Kephalos is actually proving quite popular.


He would have made a great romance sim. :P


Except for the failed kissing attempts, everyone is getting along quite nicely, though. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-13-17-26 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-13-24-87

As luchtime is rolling around, my founders start to get hungry. They’re looking for something edible and Phaidra spotted a raspberry bush, where she immediately gathers some fruits.


Meanwhile Kephalos,  who’s quite a neat freak, made a point of cleaning everything.

One thing I learned, while playing the challenge, is that clean sims often have an easier time surviving than sloppy ones. So, lucky him, I guess?


Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-22-47-84Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-23-07-16 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-23-22-82

Not too long after, the food that Phaidra gathered is put to good use.


As are the beds. :3


Which provide a superb view – on Dardarus who needs to pee real bad. :P Surprisingly (or maybe not?), this doesn’t seem to bother Kephalos and Kalyani.


Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-43-22-55 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-43-33-22

Vidya and Dardarus are the next couple to use a bed, but they’ve got at least the decency to use the one in the back of the hut.

Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-54-09-60 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-54-22-58

Ollowain’s favourite pastime. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-57-52-23 Sims2EP9-2015-10-09-22-57-58-69

During the first night, a wild deer finds it’s way to the pond. As Ollowain is the only one that’s still awake, he gets the honour to hunt it down.


The next morning, the girls start fighting for the ‘bathroom’ right away. Kalyani won the race to the tub and gets in first.


Meanwhile, Ollowain still hasn’t recovered from Phaidra’s rejection the previous day. But Pomona tries to take his mind of things and sends him to bed for a good night’s (day’s?) sleep.


Kephalos, the womanizer, reports for duty. XD This time he’s getting it on with Phaidra.



Ianus and Pomona had their fun, too. Even though I always seem to miss what they’re doing? Or at least forget to take photos. >_>


Aaaand… Generation 2 is on the way. :D Which also means, Kephalos has to put up with Phaidra from now on, being the father and all. We don’t want too much confusion and chaos from the beginning on, right? So, yeah, he’ll have to stick with her for the moment.


~enjoying the view~


Thanks to Kalyani, we can take that obligatory first fire off of our bucketlist. ._.


Luckily, no one was hurt and the fire went out pretty fast.

Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-45-32-52 Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-46-11-78

Eudora and Samael were left out a little bit until now. :P They’re getting along really great and are hanging out all the time, but got negative chemistry and none of them did even try to flirt. =/

Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-48-16-69 Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-48-27-71

Sooo… I kind of tried to push them a little and that didn’t work too well. :< After that I decided to just let them be for the moment.


Seems like Kephalos didn’t get the ‘sticking with Phaidra’ memo, yet. o.ô


So many little simmies. \o/ And poor Ollowain is still in a bad mood. :(


Pomona is the second (or third?) woman to get pregnant. Vidya’s first pregnancy starts around the same time, but I have no photo evidence. :P

Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-59-21-73 Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-17-59-33-51

First baby bump. <3


‘Quickly’ (nearly a day later) followed by the second.

Apparently my sims weren’t doing much intertesing stuff. Just cooking, eating and playing around. So, I didn’t take photos? I don’t know. :P


This was my first love, she was the first to go…

Luckily for Dardarus, Vidya can’t go anywhere. XD


And see: Pregnant, too. ^_^

Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-18-23-03-13 Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-18-23-18-54

Ollowain and Ianus obviously think that they shouldn’t have to put up with things like cleaning. So, Dardarus, Eudora and Kephalos have to do the work alone.

Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-18-29-38-71 Sims2EP9-2015-10-10-18-29-48-99

Ollowain finally managed to get over Phaidra and made a move on Kalyani (who hasn’t been too keen on jumping Kephalos ever since Phaidra started showing XD).



And apparently we finish this first ’round’ with Phaidra’s second baby bump. <3


After playing the starting lot for 3 days, most sims are now settled and I’ll move them out in pairs. We’ve got:

Ollowain and Kalyani

Kephalos and Phaidra

Ianus and Pomona

Dardarus and Vidya

Samael and Eudora (The leftovers. XD But I’m sure they’ll learn to live together.)



10 thoughts on “A new neighbourhood is born

    1. Actually, my sims are behaving surprisingly well for the moment. :P Aaand I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud. XD

      As for no one impregnating two women, I might had a hand in there. I just didn’t want things to be too muddled from the beginning on. ^_^ I don’t know whether you have any experience with this challenge, but as you only have 5 families from the beginning, it can be quite difficult to match later generations. An illigetimate child right at the beginning would have a lot of half-siblings and his children would therefore be related to 3 out of the 5 original families.


      1. Actually, I have a challenge hood that I currently don’t play. XD
        But I had to marry cousins off during the Roman era, since one family first only had two children in Generation 2 (the mother was killed during a fight) and then one of them had six (!!) children in Generation 3, five of which were male. And that family turned out to be patricians. -.-
        I had to turn most of the brothers into the plebeians, otherwise the patrician class would have been too large.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You mean like my messy relationships wise hood? Lol

    I’m getting a headache thinking of Gen 3 since everyone is probably related to everyone. XD… I should have stopped them too.

    This post was fun.


    1. In my last attempt I was in the middle of pairing my 3. generation off and except for the few oldest (some of them married widowed or leftover generation 2 sims), it went surprisingly well.

      Thanks ^^’


  2. This is a really interesting start! I like the idea of letting everyone pair up themselves but whenever I try something like that there’s just so much jealousy later on.


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